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The #1 thing that doesn’t get talked about in entrepreneurship is failure. Understanding when you need to pivot and persevere through more difficult times is often the best experience one can acquire. Just ask:

1. Jay Shetty, famous career and lifestyle vlogger, “if you’ve been blessed with anything it’s important to use it for something more than yourself?”

2. Jonathan Keyser, Founder/CEO of Keyser Co., “my wife was even saying to me, you’re a really smart guy, you work really hard but are you sure this is going to make us money?”

3. Jed York, CEO of the San Francisco 49ers, “we were labeled failures from just about everybody,”

4. Lisa Kurtis, Founder/CEO of Kuli Kuli, “celebrate your rejections, you’re going to get a lot of them.”


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  1. Starting Out of School vs. Waiting
  2. Building Culture in A Startup
  3. Failure
  4. Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Empowering Women & Marginalized Entrepreneurs
  5. Ethics & Responsible Business
  6. Creating A Market Presence
  7. Getting Investors To Invest In Your Startup
  8. Diverse Funding & Financing Strategies
  9. The Business Case for Sustainability
  10. Pivoting & Adapting
  11. Leadership, Communication, and Storytelling Skills
  12. Family Business
  13. Practicing Mindfulness & Seeking Work-life Balance


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