What are you chasing? Many leaders we interviewed reached a point in their life, a crucible, that changed their career trajectory. Whether it was living in a different developing country, understanding their core values and skills, or a traumatic experience that shaped a new perspective, they are now in pursuit of a healthier work-life balance for themselves and their stakeholders.

Watch and Listen:

1. Jonathan Keyser Founder/CEO who made a lot of money in a ruthless commercial real-estate culture until he listened to a speaker at a conference who flipped his mindset.

2. Shawn Agosta, who after several unfulfilling jobs built his own sustainable drywall company.

3. Hydroflask’s GM, Scott Alan who shares what led him to leave Silicon Valley to join Hydroflask.

4. John Replogle, CEO of One Better Ventures who started at Guinness and took a “spear to the heart” when he came to the realization that he needed a career and life change towards more purpose.