Marketing can make or break a business in its early stages. In today’s day in age, there’s no reason your startup can’t get recognized. Listen to the entrepreneurs and marketing experts who have been there before:

1. Alex Mcintosh, Founder/CEO Thrive Natural Care, “If you went into a store and looked at a shelf, there were no men’s skincare products that were mission-driven.”

2. Sadrah Schadel, Co-founder No Evil Foods, “being able to lead and communicate what our mission and purpose is has been very important.”

3. Jeff Jordan, Founder of Rescue Agency, “What is the actual change that will happen? How will that fit into their lives?”

4. Simon Mainwaring, Founder/CEO We First, “drive growth through purpose.”

5. Nik Ingersoll, CMO of Barnana, “that section of the grocery store is the most crowded so that’s why we decided to make these pouches to differentiate ourselves from the others.”