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Discover what motivates today’s CEOs, entrepreneurs, and celebrities beyond their chosen careers and the leadership lessons they obtained along the way


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“I think highlighting real leaders is an important step for the next generation to understand. Every leader is a little different and people need to be themselves, so I think Kevin does a great service here.”

David Bohigian

Acting President & CEO, OPIC

“The topic of Intellectual Property is very complicated and Kevin asked relevant intelligent questions. He also discussed our radio show and podcast. The format was good; it was relaxed and designed to put guests at ease. Kevin is very easy to talk to as well. I would recommend this experience to any business owner.”

Elizabeth Gearhart

IP Attorney & Podcast Host , Passage to Profit

“Real Leaders is very interested in bringing relief to the Opioid Epidemic and has a curiosity of what actions leaders are taking to this end.”

Jim Iversen

Co-founder & CEO, Sen-Jam Pharmaceuticals

“Kevin was easy to talk with, asked good questions and didn’t just follow some predetermined script.”

Karen Walker

Founder, One-team Consulting

“Kevin Edwards works for “Real Leaders” and has the pleasure of interviewing people with various professional successes to learn what motivates them beyond their chosen careers. I saved this quote he got as I believed it has a divine intervention side to it…

‘Know that you are enough… get out of your own way’— Simon Mainwaring.”

Kevin Myers

CMO, Donatos Pizza

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Meet The Host

Kevin Edwards

Kevin Edwards


Kevin Edwards is the Real Leaders Director of Digital Media and hosts our Real Leaders Podcast. In 2016 Edwards brought entrepreneurs, business mavericks, and celebrities stories to life to inspire purposeful careers launching the Real Leaders ShortCuts video series on YouTube.

He believes in order to create a better world, leaders must first realize their higher purpose. In 2018 he released the Real Leaders Podcast to help bridge the gap between generations and inspire listeners of all ages to find their career motive sooner. He hopes listeners will be along with him for the journey and enjoys responding to their questions and feedback.

Edwards graduated Proviso Cum Laude from the University of Arizona with a Management Information Systems degree where he lettered 3 years as the Wildcats Women’s Basketball Manager. 

In his free time, you can find Kevin listening to the Joe Rogan Experience, working on his jumper, and sampling the local food and micro-breweries. He resides in Portland, OR. 


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Ep.26 Recap

Shannon Keith, CEO of Sudara, speaks about her passion for social entrepreneurship and the journey towards creating her ethical apparel brand. Sudara is a company that aims to help minimize sex-trafficking in India by providing options for women who would typically have to sell their bodies for survival. Working through organizations that offer training and job placement for such at-risk women, the company enables them to have a life of their own choosing. Pursuing business opportunities and fair trade, Shannon hopes that one day there will be no need for a distinction between business and ethics.

Ep.27 Recap

Will is the founder and CEO of P.L.A.Y., a San Francisco-based company that specializes in lifestyle pet products such as pet beds, toys and outdoor gear. P.L.A.Y. is one of the only three companies in the pet industry that is certified B Corp and their mission-driven approach has helped them achieved fast growth in the past few years.

Ep.28 Recap

🎧Ep.28// @kulikulifoods Founder & CEO, Lisa Curtis discovered a magical nutrient called Moringa in Niger, West Africa when she was 22 years old serving in the Peace Core. “I had never eaten anything that had had such a profound impact on my body”. The plant has now impacted more than just the consumer. Soon after, Lisa went on to raise all sorts of capital to hire women and men in South America, SE Asia, and Africa to produce and export her sustenance adding additional societal value to the supply chain by providing 1 world access to 3rd world countries, “it was really hard for me to get people to take me seriously. I got a lot of, `nice project little girl.’” Now, KuliKuli has raised over $10M, is located 445 stores and ranked #38 on the Real Leaders 100 list provided in the link in our bio. You can access Lisa’s full interview on Facebook: RealLeadersMagazine