Boldy Embrace Your Life Transitions: Recovery Is the New Success

I’ve been a driver. A winner. A warrior, lover, and a builder. Setting and achieving meaningful goals was my passion — not only in business, but in my personal development, my family, relationships with my spouse, partners, siblings, parents, and friends. I viewed myself in the way others viewed me. In other words, I was […]

Ways to Stop Hustle Culture Destroying Your Mental Health

Are you a business owner or company leader who seems to struggle with excessive stress, negative thoughts, depression, or anxiety? You’re not alone. According to a study by UC Berkeley, 72% of entrepreneurs struggle with their mental health. This is obviously a problem, but what can you do to have optimal mental health?   One of […]

Understanding Your Burnout, and How to get Back to Well-being

Each year I give a presentation about burnout and well-being to our recently hired physicians and scientists at Mayo Clinic. During the talk, I ask the participants to raise their hand if they have ever experienced burnout. Five years ago, a few hands would go up. Today, in 2022, nearly everyone in the room raises their hand. Did the […]

How Short Expert Quotes Can Help Us Understand Emotions at Work and Beyond

When we’re trying to understand an emotion, thought, or experience, there’s a big difference between learning about it from a reference source such as a website (including Wikipedia), a textbook or even a dictionary, or by talking to someone else who has been there. The reference source gives us an explanation that’s merely descriptive; hearing from somebody who’s […]

Don’t Let Narcissism Blind Your Leadership

You don’t have to search very far to discover examples of narcissism. Whether it’s yet another person in the Great Resignation refusing to return to the office and work for an arrogant supervisor, the guy sitting next to you on the plane complaining to the flight attendant because his seat won’t recline, or even the Slap […]

What the Planet Really Wants You to do — Walk Barefoot

Before the development of modern technologies over a century ago, people lived with a different rhythm than we do now. For thousands of years, humans lived in harmonious coexistence following cycles of nature. Yet, somehow, we’ve lost our way. Impetuous technological progress over the 20th century made our lives much easier, but this also disrupted […]

Loneliness and Our Singular Pursuit of More

“What?!” you may be thinking after reading this title. “I value my drive for more, it’s what gives me a sense of competence and value in life.” Fair enough. Yet hold your judgment for a moment. At least until you read this next story. The authors Kurt Vonnegut and Joseph Heller attended a party hosted by […]

3 Tips for Keeping Your Sanity in a Mad World

It is not hard at all to feel overwhelmed these days. With everything going on, it’s kind of tough not to be overloaded by the sheer volume of everything going on in the world. And our collective mental health is suffering.  For instance, we have the on-again / off-again covid pandemic (or is it endemic), we […]

4 Ways to Take Back Control and Avoid Imaginary Success

We’ve all been there: watching TV and admiring the perfect, wealthy family on the screen, who live in a big, white house and grin at the audience with perfect smiles. Or maybe you’re enamored by the business executive in a sleek, red Ferrari driving to his office in a chic downtown business district. Perhaps you’re […]