3 Ways to Combat Poverty with Transformational Technology

To reach the goal outlined by the United Nations’ Agenda for Sustainable Development to end poverty and hunger by the year 2030, many policy, economic, social, and organizational actions must be taken. Fortunately, emerging technologies – such as the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, mobile technologies and more – can help in the effort to […]

A New App Helps Blind People Navigate Public Transit

Waymap aims to expand travel options for blind and visually impaired people with step-by-step audio directions that it says are accurate up to 3 feet (0.9 meter) throughout a trip. An app designed to help visually impaired or blind pedestrians use public transit has debuted at a Washington subway. Waymap expands travel options for blind […]

9 Ways To Make Cybersecurity Awareness Training More Engaging

Phishing was responsible for the highest number of cyber compromises in 2021. As a result, more and more businesses are investing in security training and awareness initiatives. New evidence proves that regular training exercises can positively influence security culture and enable employees to defend against ransomware-laced phishing attempts and related social engineering attacks. Having said […]

‘I Know Your Favorite Drink’: Chinese Smart City to Put AI In Charge

From robots delivering coffee to office chairs rearranging themselves after a meeting, a smart city project in China aims to put artificial intelligence in charge, its creators told a conference this week – raising some eyebrows. Danish architecture firm BIG and Chinese tech company Terminus discussed plans to build an AI-run campus-style development in the […]

Could Your Next Holiday be Inside a Tree Pod?

As people search for holiday activities where they will be safe from the coronavirus, three European companies have created some innovative solutions, where people can experience something new. In Belgium, you can camp in a tree, in a tear-shaped pod for two. The $75-a-night tents are booking faster than ever due to their isolating in […]

WordPress Founder: The Power of Open-Source in Spreading an Idea

Jared Kleinert shares tell-all stories from 75 top-performing Millennials who have built companies collectively worth billions of dollars, have millions of social media followers, and are achieving exponential success in record time. Matt Mullenweg (above), co-founder of open-source blogging platform, WordPress, the most popular publishing platform on the web, shared with Kleinert his journey to an open-source way […]

Real Leaders Magazine: Our Straw Doesn’t Suck

If you’ve already purchased the latest edition of Real Leaders magazine, may have noticed that the paper for our Real Leaders Impact Awards section feels different from the rest of the magazine. That’s because it contains 10 percent straw. In a world-first, Real Leaders teamed up with Willamette Falls Paper Company in Portland, Oregon, to […]

Repair, Refurbish, Reuse: Call to Arms For Electronics Giants

People not only buy more devices, they abandon them quicker, increasing the mining of raw materials and landfill waste. Armed with screwdrivers and a zeal for change, a growing global movement is urging electronics giants to make devices that last longer and are easier to fix to cut the environmental fallout of the tech boom. […]

How to Win Like China. Are you Prepared for an Intelligent World?

What China can teach us about artificial intelligence and how humans can get a grip. Artificial intelligence is poised to fundamentally change how we live and work. Whether it will be salvation or curse will depend on the extent to which we get to grips with it now. It is the dawn of a new […]

3 Ways to Combat Poverty with Transformational Technology

According to the World Bank, the global poverty rate is lower than it has ever been in recorded history. More than 1 billion people have been lifted out of extreme poverty (defined as living on less than $1.90 per day) over the past 25 years. This is surely one of the greatest achievements of our […]