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Could Your Next Holiday be Inside a Tree Pod?

Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash

As people search for holiday activities where they will be safe from the coronavirus, three European companies have created some innovative solutions, where people can experience something new.

In Belgium, you can camp in a tree, in a tear-shaped pod for two. The $75-a-night tents are booking faster than ever due to their isolating in beautiful, natural surroundings. Designer Dre Wapenaar (pictured right) conceived them as a way of relating to childhood dreams — building a hut in a tree — but they are now the perfect cocoon to stay isolated from others while enjoying the great outdoors. In rural Spain you can sleep in watermelon-shaped cabins, dotted around the landscape.

“People are changing the trend of going to the beach and instead heading inland,” says Candela Luqu, director of Villa Sandia. “They are seeking rural areas because of the tranquility and isolation.” New night train routes are launching across Europe, including from Prague to Croatia’s seaside, and from Salzburg to the German holiday island of Sylt. As holidaymakers look for slower, more sustainable journeys, private train cabins are keeping travelers separate from other passengers and allowing the journey to become as enjoyable as the destination.

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