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The Community for Impact

RL stands at the intersection of purpose and profit. RL Members are Impact CEOs leading purpose-driven, for-profit companies. RL is where impact CEOs find refuge among other values-aligned leaders.

Go deep Together

RL creates highly curated, courageous virtual and in-person spaces, where impact CEOs can be vulnerable, sharing the ins and outs of their businesses and personal lives. 

Members receive support from peers with a shared experience lens

UNITE 2025

Opening Keynote Speaker, Daymond John, delivers a riveting take on how to reel in a shark.

Come together with the entire community at RL UNITE 2025.

A new way of gathering that replenishes, connects, and invigorates your personal and business growth.

Values-aligned capital

A significant number of RL members are impact investors and financial service providers deliberately deploying capital to solve social and environmental problems. They are building relationships in RL with their investor peers and CEOs of companies.

Felecia Hatcher, CEO of Black Ambition, shares her thoughts on How to Get Impact Capital Now. 

The Reviews

Pharell Williams

I’m grateful to Real Leaders for having Black Ambition at the UNITE conference.

Brad Stevens

It’s a great cross section of CEOs that are high performance, growth oriented CEOs, but they also absolutely have purpose and impact at top of mind.

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