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Stedman Graham

Founder, Identity Leadership

I was so excited to discover Real Leaders — finally, a quality product for leaders who are mission-driven and wanting to be a force for change. We are on our way!

Sheri Kurdakul

CEO, VictimsVoice

We need leaders — real leaders — who can turn a profit and make big things happen. For many years I operated in the corporate world, which was great until I realized that I wanted my career to be more than just “adding 0.5 percent to the margins of [insert multinational here].” Reading about examples of people with a robust business model and solid impact model proves that I’ve finally found my tribe — ambitious people ready to make a difference.

Richard Medcalf

Founder & CEO, Xquadrant

Five years ago, I took early retirement and founded a nonprofit to provide practical, professional support to anyone searching for meaningful employment. I began to reach out and look at the influencers in this arena and discovered Real Leaders. Your resources are powerful fuel that I use to ignite myself and members of my organization. Your information is always trending, relevant, and delivered in manageable to digest nuggets. I believe real leaders are identified not by title, but by mindset. Your global reach is something I want to be a part of.

Cynthia K. Wade


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