Farm Grows ‘Organic’ Returns for Impact Investors

It’s tough to find a better example of environmental stewardship and sustainable use than organic farming. Indeed, the responsible growth of food that sustains us is pretty much the ideal picture of the impact-investing ethos. With only an estimated 1% of farmland in the United States certified as organic, it’s an area ripe for growth. […]

Grameen America Changes Lives, One Microloan at a Time 

When David Gough needs to be inspired, he thinks of people like Shanté, a custom jewelry entrepreneur in Newark, NJ; Alfa, who owns and operates a beauty and skincare salon in Miami; and Shirley, a gourmet popcorn proprietor in Fresno, CA.  They are among tens of thousands of women across the United States who took […]

Pro Athletes Build Dream Team of Impact Investors

Over the past year, in communities across the country, Derrick Morgan has quietly built “The Dream Team” of impact investors. With a unique playbook and the grit and determination that made him a star linebacker for the Tennessee Titans, Morgan in 2021 launched I AM Nation, a network of 40 professional athletes that has come […]

5 Ways To Expand Your Philanthropy Impact at This Generous Time of Year

It’s the most generous time of the year. From Giving Tuesday to last-minute donations to favorite charities, December marks the month when Americans most benevolently open hearts and wallets to support the causes and issues that are most important to them.   Of the $427.71 billion Americans contributed to charities in 2018, approximately 30 percent of […]

Giving Fund Donors Invest in Seed Stage Social Entrepreneurs at “Angel Tank”

The 2nd Angel Tank social enterprise pitch competition was an inspiring kick-off to the 2019 SEED Conference in San Francisco, CA on May 20, 2019. An impact twist on ABC’s Shark Tank, this year’s Angel Tank featured five leading Bay Area impact investors as judges and a select group of six social entrepreneurs. Each entrepreneur had […]

9 Cities With The Biggest Risks – And The Biggest Business Opportunities!

Deathly air pollution and slums are two of many challenges cities struggle with globally. Danish sustainable research company  Sustainia has compiled a list of nine cities with the biggest risks, and shows that beneath these risks lie a number of market opportunities. Indonesia’s capital Jakarta is sinking. Lagos, Africa’s most populous city, urgently lacks 17 […]

My Journey Toward 100% Impact Investing

Eric Jacobsen, the serial entrepreneur and co-founder of private equity firm Dolphin Capital and impact investment platform Gratitude Railroad, spends his workdays at what he calls “the intersection of compassion and capitalism.” “We work to create financial returns by solving the world’s problems,” Jacobsen says of his two companies. “Capitalism is an organism that changes […]

What Does Sustainable Growth Really Mean?

People are often confused by the term sustainable growth. While most believe it a worthy objective, its definition is less clear. Does it mean “green growth?” Is it part of the “triple bottom line”? Does it have to do with the corporate social responsibility (CSR) framework, which suggests that an entity has an obligation to act […]

Oxford University Boosts Businesses That Put People Before Profit

The world-leading British university is seeking to maximize the impact of its academic research on the world. After decades of incubating science and engineering companies, Oxford University announced on Tuesday it is branching out to support businesses that put people before profit, seeking to maximise the impact of its academic research on the world. If […]

Pope Francis Ditches Charity in Favor of Impact Investing

Catholic investment funds are increasingly investing in projects in emerging economies and earning a return while also doing good. After decades of giving to charity, a growing number of Catholics are starting to put their philanthropic billions into profitable investments instead – a new aid model, backed by Pope Francis, that experts say could help […]