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Giving Fund Donors Invest in Seed Stage Social Entrepreneurs at “Angel Tank”

The 2nd Angel Tank social enterprise pitch competition was an inspiring kick-off to the 2019 SEED Conference in San Francisco, CA on May 20, 2019.

An impact twist on ABC’s Shark Tank, this year’s Angel Tank featured five leading Bay Area impact investors as judges and a select group of six social entrepreneurs. Each entrepreneur had 5 minutes to pitch their world-changing idea to a live audience for a change to win two prizes: the Angels Choice and Audience Choice Award.

ImpactAssets and Real Leaders co-hosted Angel Tank for the second year to support the growing field of investors and entrepreneurs activating seed capital for good.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to support and showcase this exceptional group of social entrepreneurs. Their fresh ideas and inspiring vision of a more inclusive and just system are helping to transform business as a force for good — for profit, people and planet.” — Tim Freundlich, CEO, ImpactAssets

The Angels Choice Award winner was Savvy Cooperative, who won the judges vote for their innovative approach to healthcare. Savvy Cooperative is designing healthcare through patient insights and creating income opportunities as the first patient-owned co-op and public benefit corporation. Jen Horonjeff, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Savvy Cooperative accepted the award — a $12,500 philanthropic investment through the ImpactAssets Giving Fund, a donor advised fund.

Giving Fund donors Elizabeth Stelluto Dunaier, Kristin Hull and Janine Firpo sponsored the investment.

“Being an Angel Tank judge at the SEED conference is inspiring because there is such a wide variety of people addressing the problems in our society through business. I like the breadth of the investments and personally do my seed stage investing through my Giving Fund because it’s philanthropic capital. I’m able to take a much different approach to risk and invest in companies earlier on than if I needed the financial return.”— Elizabeth Stelluto Dunaier, Angel Investor, NextWave / Personal Portfolio

The Audience Choice Award winner was Native Women Lead, who won the support of the audience as a native women led business network that’s revolutionizing systems in a way that honors native culture, creativity and sustainability practices. Jaime Gloshay, Co-Founder of Native Women Lead accepted the award — a $20,000 Real Leaders Media Prize.

Giving Fund donor Kristin Hull also committed an additional $5,000 of capital into Native Women Lead.

The excitement from impact investors and social entrepreneurs who participated in Angel Tank highlights the timely opportunity to invest in world-changing entrepreneurs, and the important role philanthropic capital must play in accelerating solutions at the seed stage.

To learn more about how you can invest philanthropic capital in early-stage impact ventures through the Giving Fund click here.

2019 Angel Tank Entrepreneurs

  • Jen Horonjeff, Founder & CEO, Savvy Cooperative
  • Sarah Lin, Co-Founder, EllieFunDay
  • Emily Darchuk, Founder, Wheyward Spirit
  • Jaime Gloshay, Co-Founder, Native Women Lead
  • Sapna Satagopan, Xyza News For Kids
  • Pedro Moura,Co-Founder, CEO, Flourish


2019 Angel Tank Judges

  • Chris McLemore, Program Manager of Oakland Startup Network, Kapor Center
  • Aarti Chandna, Partner, SV2
  • Kristin Hull, Founder, CEO & CIO, Nia Impact Capital
  • Eva Yazhari, CEO, Beyond Capital
  • Elizabeth Stelluto Dunaier, Angel Investor, NextWave/Personal Portfolio

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