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Farm Grows ‘Organic’ Returns for Impact Investors

It’s tough to find a better example of environmental stewardship and sustainable use than organic farming. Indeed, the responsible growth of food that sustains us is pretty much the ideal picture of the impact-investing ethos. With only an estimated 1% of farmland in the United States certified as organic, it’s an area ripe for growth. […]

Grameen America Changes Lives, One Microloan at a Time 

When David Gough needs to be inspired, he thinks of people like Shanté, a custom jewelry entrepreneur in Newark, NJ; Alfa, who owns and operates a beauty and skincare salon in Miami; and Shirley, a gourmet popcorn proprietor in Fresno, CA.  They are among tens of thousands of women across the United States who took […]

Pro Athletes Build Dream Team of Impact Investors

Over the past year, in communities across the country, Derrick Morgan has quietly built “The Dream Team” of impact investors. With a unique playbook and the grit and determination that made him a star linebacker for the Tennessee Titans, Morgan in 2021 launched I AM Nation, a network of 40 professional athletes that has come […]

The Multi-Million Dollar Child Development Company Shaping the Minds of the Next Generation

Entrepreneurs often have a “lightbulb moment,” a sudden realization or insight that drives a business idea into reality. But, for Jessica Rolph, cofounder and CEO of early childhood brand, Lovevery (above, right), her moment of inspiration came as a new mother in what was almost an “anti-lightbulb” moment. “I remember one morning watching my son […]

How Business Leaders and Impact Investors Are Stemming the PPE Shortage

The U.S. is seven months into the coronavirus crisis and yet a critical shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) remains. As fall and the cold and flu season approach, which will increase demand on health systems, many doctors and nurses continue to reuse single use N-95s. A recent survey of 20,000 nurses conducted by the ANA cited […]

5 Social Impact Lessons from the Front Lines

As he watched the devastating fires in Australia destroy nearly 7,000 square miles of countryside and 3,000 homes last year, Terry Tamminen (above, right) thought of canaries that miners carried into coal mines to determine if carbon monoxide had collected in mine shafts. “Australia was a microcosm, and these fires are a warning that we should […]

3 Ways American Companies have Joined Forces to Fight The Pandemic

As coronavirus reignites in states across the country, a volunteer business organization is quietly helping companies take bold action to bring the spread of coronavirus under control — marshaling private and public sector resources to solve the immediate and evolving needs of this urgent public health crisis. Stop the Spread was started by Kenneth Chenault, […]

5 Key Learnings From An Impact Investing Master

Career paths take people on fascinating life journeys. For Kim Wright-Violich (above), the crossroads along her career path have provided opportunities for exciting and meaningful work. Wright-Violich is a Managing Partner at Tideline, an impact investing consulting firm, and a member of the ImpactAssets Board of Directors. Through a mosaic of a career spent in […]

4 Lessons From an Impact Investor

Wall Street is often the source of inspiration for investment professionals. But Gerhard Pries took a different path. It was on the streets of Calcutta working with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity that he found a deeper motivation that has led him to the pinnacle of impact investing. Pries is the Managing Partner of Sarona […]

Giving Fund Donors Invest in Seed Stage Social Entrepreneurs at “Angel Tank”

The 2nd Angel Tank social enterprise pitch competition was an inspiring kick-off to the 2019 SEED Conference in San Francisco, CA on May 20, 2019. An impact twist on ABC’s Shark Tank, this year’s Angel Tank featured five leading Bay Area impact investors as judges and a select group of six social entrepreneurs. Each entrepreneur had […]