Why Every Company Needs to Be a Media Company

Connecting with people on a human level through content is the only way companies will win inthe digital age. In the digital era, it’s no longer enough to merely have the lowest prices or best products. Everybusiness needs to create good content to remain relevant. Whether you’re selling shoes orsoftware, capturing the attention of your […]

3 Oversized Problems Looking for Creative Solutions

Oversized Visitors  A cruise ship leaves Venice, Italy (above). The cruise ship, which arrived in Venice for the first time in 17 months, signaled the return of tourists after the coronavirus pandemic but enraged those who decry the impact of the giant floating hotels on this world heritage site. Natural and heritage sites around the […]

Meat the Future. New Film Explores the Rise of Meat Alternatives

“I’m excited about the documentary because it’s solution-focused and proposes a way forward, to reduce methane, to reduce water and land use, to lessen the suffering of animals, and to prevent future viral outbreaks. I hope it sparks your imagination and inspires change.” — Dr. Jane Goodall A character-driven, deep dive into the game-changing world […]

2 Speaking Tips That Will Help Deliver a Powerful Message

How can I convince an audience to see things my way? This is a significant and current issue because there are so many strident viewpoints out there and because audiences are attempting to armor themselves against being held hostage to personal perspectives. You can either lie your way through your pitch like Putin — which […]

Speak with Impact: Presenting Yourself as Powerful Yet Authentic

As a woman pitching investors who may primarily be men, how do I represent myself as powerful yet authentic? Great question, and thanks for having the honesty and insight to ask this rarely spoken conundrum. Through doing pitches to investors, I have found that the winning formula is authenticity and competency. This means that you […]

5 Ways to Elevate Your Voice

As we emerge from a year of confusion and muted voices, who better to keep us inspired than those who never lost their voice — keynote speakers. Draw inspiration from these 5 speakers who deliver words of wisdom to help you lead better than before. Many celebrities and politicians have lost their appeal over the […]

What Can we Learn From Famous Speechmakers? 

Speechmaker James Rosebush answers your questions on effective speechmaking. One of the most important lessons to learn from a great speaker is cadence, rhythm, and emphasis. These are all elements of performance. No matter how simple, every speech is a performance — even convincing your kids to eat their dinner or go to bed. Never […]

Unexpectedly Called to the Microphone? Here’s How to Handle it

SPEAKING WITH IMPACTSpeech coach and leadership mentor James Rosebush answers a question on how to improve your public speaking. Preston Beale, CEO of GORP.com, asks: How can I get ready for spontaneous speaking if asked to step up to the microphone unexpectedly? Dear Preston, Yes, this is a major fear — to be called to the […]

The Productive Link Between Storytelling and Leadership

For those who have followed my writing at Real Leaders about public speaking, you will recall I have often emphasized the relationship between effective leadership and storytelling. By storytelling, I mean the sharing of everything from purposeful parables to personal life experiences. By employing the art of storytelling, you accomplish two goals essential to effective leadership: […]