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How Your Inner Circle Affects Your Wealth

Spend more time with people who will support your money-building path.

By Tom Wheelwright

Years ago, I lived in a solidly middle-class neighborhood. My family and I were happy there, but I started to notice something interesting on Sundays. When we went to church, I could see a big difference between the people who lived in my neighborhood and people who lived in a neighborhood about a mile and a half down the road: money. 

The difference wasn’t so much in the amount of money people had. Both neighborhoods were doing well by most standards. The difference had more to do with mindsets around money.

People in my neighborhood focused on money a lot but not always in a healthy way. Money was more a source of stress than joy. Meanwhile, people in the neighborhood down the road had a very different attitude. Money seemed to be less important to them, yet they had plenty. They also seemed to be having a lot more fun.

It made me think a lot about what kind of relationship I wanted to have with money and who I wanted to spend my time with. Ultimately, I sold my house and moved into the neighborhood down the road. That move made a huge difference in my life.

Surrounding Yourself with Success: How My Community Transformed My Financial Reality

The new address meant I started spending more time with people with an attitude toward money unlike any I had ever experienced. They viewed money as a tool to help them achieve their goals rather than just a source of stress or something to accumulate for its own sake. They understood how to build wealth through entrepreneurship and investments. They looked at the world with an abundance mindset and were curious about learning new things and giving back. 

Over time, I started to adopt this view. I became more comfortable asking questions about different kinds of investments and curious about how entrepreneurship works. I had people to talk with who encouraged these interests and introduced me to resources and people who could help me in these areas. Ultimately, it transformed my mindset around money.

Level Up: Make Change, Be Intentional

If you’re looking to build more wealth, it’s important to look at the people you spend the most time with. Do they model the kind of life you desire? If not, it may be time to make a change.

This isn’t some sort of woo-woo manifestation technique, and moving didn’t come with a membership to a secret wealth-building society. This is about creating an environment that will support you in your pursuit of specific goals. When you surround yourself with people who are successful with money and understand how to build wealth and impact through entrepreneurship and investments, you give yourself a different view of the world and what opportunities are available.

In today’s fast-paced world, the importance of having a supportive network of people around us cannot be overstated. The people we associate with can have a significant impact on our beliefs, actions, and ultimately, our results. While you may not need to move, you do need to be intentional with whom you spend your time and energy. When you do, you’ll begin to find yourself making more money and effecting more change. 

Building Your Support Team

How do you spend more time with people who will support your wealth-building impact path? Here are five time-tested options that don’t require hiring a real estate agent.

1 Expand your network.

Attend local networking events in your industry or niche and join professional associations that offer opportunities to spend time with people who have achieved financial and career success. 

2 Attend conferences, workshops, and seminars about entrepreneurship or investing.

You’ll learn from experts and connect with like-minded people who are serious about their wealth journey.

3 Volunteer to serve on the board of a charitable organization.

This is not only a great way to make a difference in your community, but it also is likely to connect you with people who share your values and goals.

4 Connect online.

If you can’t find the right groups locally, look for social media groups and other online communities where entrepreneurs and investors hang out. Join the discussion forums and start building relationships. 

5 Hire professional advisors.

A CPA, investment advisor, and attorney can provide strategic recommendations that more than pay for the cost of their services. They also will help you continue to expand your thinking when it comes to your wealth strategy.

Tom Wheelwright is a CPA, visionary, and best-selling author behind multiple companies that specialize in wealth and tax strategy. He is also an expert and published author on partnerships and corporation tax strategies, a platform speaker, and a wealth education innovator. You can find his book Tax Free Wealth here.

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