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How Your Inner Circle Affects Your Wealth

Spend more time with people who will support your money-building path. By Tom Wheelwright Years ago, I lived in a solidly middle-class neighborhood. My family and I were happy there, but I started to notice something interesting on Sundays. When we went to church, I could see a big difference between the people who lived […]

When Insurance Companies Give You Lemons — Make Lemonade

A leading innovator in the insurance space is a B Corporation called Lemonade. This startup insurer builds its business on a give-back system that allows customers to select nonprofits that receive any unused premiums. Lemonade Cofounder and CEO Daniel Schreiber says donating that money rather than keeping it as profit has produced more than $1 […]

5 Fundraising Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

Although it shouldn’t be, fundraising for female entrepreneurs can be more challenging than for their male counter parts, and unfortunately, it just seems to be getting worse (according to Harvard Business Review, 2021). In 2020, female entrepreneurs secured only 2.3% of VC funding, down from 2.8% in 2019 (mainly due to COVID). According to a […]

4 Actions Business Leaders Can Take Today to Stop Medical Debt

You may not realize it, but your employees and coworkers struggle with medical debt.  The situation has become dire in the US. “About one in five Americans currently has medical debt in collections,” writes Dr. Marty Makary in The Price We Pay. “Half of patients with certain medical conditions, such as women with stage 4 breast […]

Akon: The Necessity of Financial Services

Financial services are important because they help us start businesses, create economic flow, and bring communities together by facilitating transactions with those around us. More meaningfully, they allow us to invest in a better future for ourselves and our families. Right now, there are over two billion people who do not have access to financial […]

Cool but Confused: Do Social Entrepreneurs Run a Business or a Charity?

As businesses with a mission to do good become increasingly trendy, social entrepreneurs said they were finding it harder than ever to tackle one of their major problems – explaining what they do. For years social entrepreneurs trying to solve a wide range of issues from affordable healthcare to homelessness have faced the same question: […]

Nasdaq Iceland Welcomes First Green Bond Issuer

Nasdaq Iceland has welcomed the City of Reykjavik as its first green bond issuer on the Exchange’s sustainable bond market. The bond was issued on 17 December and is sized at ISK 4.1 billion with a maturity of 30 years. Reykjavik intends to issue further bonds in the bond class in the coming years and […]

Corporate Reporting on The Global Goals Just Got Easier

Business reporting on the impacts and contributions to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is set to become less complex following the launch of a new report – Business Reporting on the SDGs: An Analysis of the Goals and Targets. Developed by GRI and the United Nations Global Compact, with the support of PwC, as part of a […]