Real Leaders

Building the Case for Impact: New Alliance Unites Profit and Purpose

So, you want to spend a career building wealth without regard for its impact on the environment, economy and society, and then allocate a small portion of this later in life through grant-making to create a favorable legacy? Why not get it right from the beginning, a win-win for all stakeholders that generate positive impacts […]

Why The World Bank Needs a Loan From You

Dr. Jim Yong Kim, head of the World Bank, acknowledges that even their huge budgets are not enough to transform the world into a better place. They need you. You are head of the world’s leading development and aid organization and your shareholders are in just about every country in the world. Why is your […]

Capitalism Gets Reinvented – For a Mere $27

  Muhammad Yunus solves a social problem by giving micro-loans to the poor – turning them into entrepreneurs. The effects of his first loan, a total of $27 to 42 people, make him realize that people are not poor from being lazy, but because financial institutions do not help them. He forms Grameen Bank, providing […]

Making Money Matter

Nick O’Donohoe moved from big finance to a big society bank when he realized that investment meant more than just money in the bank. If you have a U.K. bank account that has been lying dormant for longer than 15 years, there’s a good chance Big Society Capital (BSC) now has your money. O’Donohoe is […]