Your Success May Also be Your Biggest Blindspot

Like most of you reading this article, I was initially dismayed and stunned by what happened at the Oscar awards ceremony earlier this year. As someone who studies the motivations of leaders and how they influence the people they lead, upon further reflection, my surprise gradually ebbed away. In this article, I’ll explain why. First, […]

10 Ways You’ll Benefit from Being a Mentor

As a leader, you’re really busy. While mentoring a rising high performer may sound like a great opportunity, you might worry that you just don’t have the bandwidth. But here’s something you may not have considered: Most people think of mentoring as a giving exchange, but it’s really a getting exchange. Bert Thornton, the former […]

Methane-busting Seaweed Industry Begins Growing in South Australia

An emerging commercial seaweed industry is gaining pace in South Australia and it has the methane produced by cows firmly in its sights. Australian researchers have found red seaweed has the ability to reduce cow and sheep methane production by up to 90 per cent when mixed with stock feed. The findings have led the […]

Making Antibacterial Bandages From Fruit Waste

At Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, scientists are tackling food waste by turning discarded durian husks into antibacterial gel bandages. The process extracts cellulose powder from the fruit’s husks after they are sliced and freeze-dried, then mixes it with glycerol. This mixture becomes soft hydrogel, which is then cut into bandage strips. “In Singapore, […]

Boats That Eat Trash

A trash-eating boat could clean up the world’s rivers. A Dutch foundation devoted to fighting plastic pollution in the world’s oceans has unveiled a new device designed to stop it from reaching the sea in the first place: by collecting and cleaning plastic waste from major rivers. The Ocean Cleanup Foundation, a non-governmental organization, best […]

The Ultra Runner Bringing Attention to the Global Water Crisis

A swimming pool prank gone wrong would prove to be an accident that changed Mina Guli’s life. she hurt her back so badly that doctors told me she’d never run again. challenged to create a stunt that would capture the world’s attention around the global water crisis, her global, ultra-running campaign for water was born. […]

How the Pandemic Has Changed Corporate Leadership and How to Re-engage Your Employees

Individuals were forced to abruptly change their lifestyles, quite literally overnight, due to COVID-19. The uncertain future resulted in fear and trepidation, which extended far beyond the household level. Corporations and organizations have struggled to survive amid pandemic conditions. Corporate leadership teams scrambled to pivot in meaningful ways to remain relevant in the marketplace, strategically […]

What School Leaders Can Teach Business Leaders

While this pandemic has not always brought out the best in many, we have been astounded by the steadfast leadership shown by educational leaders across our state and country. Whether traditional public, public charter, or private, school leaders have adapted quickly and reinvented instruction with an entrepreneurial and service-minded spirit. While we all have had […]

How Plants Could Feed 350 Million Additional Hungry People

I’m proud to lead a company that has joined the United Nations (UN) Global Compact as a signatory member, dedicated to improving communities by aligning with the targets outlined and categorized by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). One of the ways we can all work towards a more sustainable future is to make a conscious choice to […]

Want to Attract and Retain Better Talent? Follow This Framework

Everybody wants to be “the best,” but few can actually define what that looks like in practice. Instead, companies should dig deeper to tell an employer brand story that people can’t wait to be a part of. The world of employer branding is still relatively new, but it’s already inundated with superlatives like “best” and […]