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Leading from the Front, By Sustainable Technology Pioneer Chomp

The Company That Is Turning Food Waste Into A Valuable Resource

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As the CEO of Chomp, an innovative Sustainable Technology company based in Seattle, Tim Tiscornia leads with a hands-on approach that exemplifies empowering others from the front lines. Through modular anaerobic digestion systems, Chomp turns food waste into renewable energy and fertilizer, reducing emissions and supporting circular economies.

In a recent interview, Tim provided insights into his unique leadership style. From rolling up sleeves for on-site tasks to prioritizing employee well-being, Tim aims to foster an authentic, learning-focused culture. He discussed the challenges of scaling unproven sustainable technology and emphasized financial discipline crucial for growth.

Tim’s dedication to serving others through experience-based guidance is propelling Chomp’s mission forward. Under his direction, the company is positioned to maximize positive environmental and social impact through proven solutions.

Kevin Edwards: Tim, thanks for taking the time to chat today. Can you start by telling us about your background and how you came to be the CEO of Chomp?

Tim Tiscornia: For sure, Kevin. I grew up in Seattle and have always been passionate about sustainability and the outdoors. As an avid surfer and foiler, finding ways to reduce our environmental impact is personal for me. I came to Chomp because I believed in the founder’s vision of turning food waste into a resource through anaerobic digestion. After proving the technology worked, I came on as CEO around 5 years ago to help scale our solutions further.

KE: What does a typical day look like for you as CEO? How do you balance operational and leadership responsibilities?

TT: My days vary quite a bit. In the mornings I focus on reviewing reports, forecasts and other operational details to ensure everything is running smoothly. A few afternoons a week you’ll find me at one of our manufacturing facilities, often helping out with tasks like equipment maintenance or quality checks alongside the team. I also carve out time each week for one-on-one check-ins to understand how people are doing and identify any support needed. Leadership is about serving others so their work can thrive.

KE: That’s interesting. Why do you feel it’s important to take a hands-on approach as CEO?

TT: For me it’s about authenticity, learning and trust-building. Anyone can talk about values from an office but being right there alongside employees shows I’m committed through both words and actions. It also allows me to continuously learn from experience on the ground. I want our culture to feel psychologically safe so people are empowered to take risks, just as I do through challenges like foiling. Leading authentically from the front sets that tone.

KE: What would you say is the biggest challenge Chomp has faced in scaling your solutions?

TT: Gaining early customer adoption for innovative technology was definitely tough. We had to find partners willing to take a chance on an unproven solution. It took time to prove our systems through those initial installations but it established credibility. Now cash flow management is key with growth. My focus is financial planning and discipline to fuel our success in a capital-intensive industry.

KE: Thanks for your insights, Tim. It’s clear you lead Chomp with passion and commitment. What’s your vision for the future?

TT: Our goal is to maximize positive environmental and social impact through our solutions. With over 150 million in identified opportunities, I’m focused on converting that pipeline over the next 2-3 years. If we can continue innovating to make our technology even more accessible, I believe Chomp can play a major role in advancing sustainability globally. 

KE: I’m Kevin Edwards asking you to go out there, empower other leaders, and always keep it real. Thanks, Tim.

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