Can businesses step away from a transactional mindset and redefine its bottom-line? Some experts suggest a way to evaluate a companies performance is through its triple-bottom-line (TBL); incorporating people, planet, and profit into their accounting framework.

Hear from:

1. Matthew Weatherly-white, Founder/CEO of Caprock on distinguishing “good” businesses from “bad”.

2. Jed York, CEO of the San Francisco 49ers, “we haven’t seen anything where we will not be operating at peak performance or spending more money than we would have otherwise.”

3. Tony Arnerich, Founder/CEO Arnerich-Massena on ESG, “it was very difficult for [investors] to understand the concept that it was still investing first and not philanthropy.”

4. Clinton Maloney, Head of Sustainability Incorporation at PwC, “pursuit of meaning is where it’s at.”

5. Jared Meyers, Founder of Florida For Good, “why don’t [businesses] go be proactive in it now? The market will appreciate you for it.”

6. John-Paul Maxfield the Founder and CEO of Waste Farmers who believes long-term thinking fundamentally solves the needs of social and environmental problems