Real Leaders

Your Application Has Been Received!

Thank you for applying to the 2022 Real Leaders Impact Awards! The final step to complete your application is to verify your revenues. Please have your CPA submit the Revenue Verification Form by September 30, 2021. All financial information collected will be used for internal awards evaluation only.  Upon submitting the form, we require that […]

Answer 5 Questions, Win A Magazine

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Ranking: 143 Industry: Management Consulting Mission: A consulting company that works across sectors and geographies, using the tools of learning, assessment, design, facilitation, coaching, and dialogue to make workplaces fit for all human life. They strive to help solve the world’s big problems by creating great leaders, healthy partnerships, and resilient organizations. Serving thousands of […]

Coral Vita

Ranking: 148 Industry: Environmental Services Mission: A commercial, land-based coral farm that grows and transplants species to restore dying reefs. They grow a diverse and resilient array of corals to preserve the ocean’s biodiversity while protecting the health and prosperity of communities, nations, and industries that depend on reefs for coastal protection, food, and income. […]

The Builders Fund

Ranking: 131 Industry: Private Equity Mission: A private equity platform that invests in high-growth, purpose-driven companies whose products, services and supply chain intrinsically deliver positive social and environmental benefit. They aim to help solve environmental and social challenges through the profitable deployment of capital into more conscious businesses. Investments in the past year positively impacted […]


Ranking: 116 Industry: Gifts Mission: A flower and gift destination that operates as a vehicle to help combat poverty, support people, and protect the planet. They support local businesses and communities, donate 100% of profits to charity, commit to zero wastage, and offer financial transparency. Dedicated to improving children’s lives and closing the poverty gap […]

Doing Good Works

Ranking: 115 Industry: Social Impact Marketing Mission: A print and packaging company that customizes branded merchandise, where every transaction supports improved outcomes for young adults aging out of foster care. 10% of their profits fund programs for foster youth, and 30% of employees have been impacted by foster care. Have positively impacted over 750 youths […]

Transcend, the Fearless Company

Ranking: 149 Industry: Management Consulting Mission: A business management consultant striving to develop change-resilient organizations. They help business owners, leaders, and executives hone their thinking, their conversations and their execution to get the most from their existing resources and become better leaders. Helping to build a better local, national and global community.  Back to the […]

Yulu Public Relations

Ranking: 141 Industry: Public Relations & Communications Mission: Championing social innovation by sharing stories that matter. They partner with socially innovative organizations, redefining entire industries with the fundamental idea that environmental and social responsibility are the cornerstones of holistic success. Leading a revolution of creativity, commerce and social consciousness. What 3 words best describe your […]

Springboard Consulting

Ranking: 142 Industry: Consulting Mission: Working with multinational corporations to mainstream disability in the workforce, workplace, and marketplace. They effectively recruit and appropriately support individuals with disabilities, and help businesses to realize increased productivity and profitability through a diverse and inclusive workforce. Operating in over 40 countries with solutions that work worldwide. Back to the […]