Real Leaders

Earth Equity Advisors

Ranking: 136 Industry: Impact Investing Mission: A financial services firm that specializes in fossil-fuel-free responsible investments and financial planning. They offer sustainable, responsible, and impact investment portfolios to help clients align investments with their values and support solutions that have a positive impact on the world. Portfolios support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.  Back […]

Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise (LIFE)

Ranking: 145 Industry: Health & Wellness Mission: A social enterprise that produces fish-shaped cast iron ingots which provide dietary iron supplementation to individuals affected by iron deficiency and anemia. They are tackling the world’s largest nutritional challenge by spreading nourishment to solve a preventable health problem that impacts over a third of the world’s population. […]

Shades of Green Permaculture

Ranking: 135 Industry: Sustainable Landscaping Mission: A sustainable landscape firm that designs and installs productive and vibrant landscapes that respond to nature rather than work against it. Their designs provide organic food, thriving habitats, herbal medicine, natural beauty, healthy and chemical-free soils, and water cycle restoration. Empowering people to be part of the solution to […]


Ranking: 118 Industry: Networking Mission: An online social university for entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovative professionals who are passionate about making a lasting positive impact. Members learn how to best lead their teams, scale their organizations, navigate global trends, and bolster their personal well-being. Their community stretches across 50 global cities, with 10,000 hand-selected members in […]

Franklin Media

Ranking: 117 Industry: Publishing Mission: Helping school districts, universities, bookstores, and wholesalers find new homes by donating, recycling, or selling their old, damaged, surplus or out of adoption books. Each year they keep over 3 million pounds of books out of landfills through recycling and put over ¼ million books into the hands of new […]

Pearl Consulting

Ranking: 119 Industry: Management Consulting Mission: Focused on delivering mutual benefit for corporate, nonprofit and government partners through the strategic deployment of social impact initiatives. They are dedicated to helping organizations achieve a positive social impact through meaningful partnerships to maximize expertise and drive effective programs. Network of consultants spans across Asia Pacific, Europe, and […]

Cuento de Luz

Ranking: 132 Industry: Publishing Mission: A publishing company that specializes in children’s literature, publishing stories that take the imagination on a journey, help care for our planet, respect differences, and promote peace. They are committed to preserving the environment through the integration of sustainable materials in their books. Aiming to inspire the next generation to […]


Ranking: 125 Industry: Tech/Investing Mission: An impact investment platform whose partners are on the front line of the economic response helping to fund small businesses and increase the economic resilience of communities across America. They are confronting, combatting, and redesigning the financial infrastructure to create a more intentional, inclusive economy – one where every individual […]


Ranking: 130 Industry: Technology Mission: A custom software development team that works with social-good organizations to create web and mobile technologies that enhance and accelerate impact in underserved communities. They empower great causes to move successfully from idea to execution. 100% carbon neutral, and supporting projects that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Back […]

Waste Farmers

Ranking: 124 Industry: Regenerative Agriculture Mission: The first regenerative holding and operating company, creating brands and businesses that transform emerging social and environmental needs into market-based opportunities. They seek solutions inspired by natural systems, human potential and intuitive imagination with the intention of enhancing the biosphere, local communities and one’s authentic life. What 3 words […]