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5 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Before Hiring

Yes, this is a difficult hiring environment, but quick decisions to fill job openings will have major consequences on your time while dealing with employee issues like engagement, absenteeism, workman’s comp cases, turnover and more.   Here are Five questions to answer BEFORE you make any hiring decision. If you answer these questions honestly, your new […]

10 Ways You Shouldn’t Go About Hiring an “A” Player

Companies want to hire high impact “A” players. To accomplish this goal, senior executives and HR have developed detailed hiring methods.  However, within the company, there are always managers who want to short-circuit the process.  There are no shortcuts when hiring “A” players. Here are 10 ways not to hire an “A” player: The world is […]

10 Business Leadership Lessons For Politicians

Politicians are not the best role models. Often, they are self-serving individuals obsessed with their own job security. Social media lets us watch them say one thing and do just the opposite. Rather than lead effectively, politicians simply call each other names. The world would be a better place if politicians remembered these 10 leadership principles. Let’s […]

Is Hiring Your Weakest Link? Here Are Some Reasons Why

Does this sound familiar?… This happens every day — even in the best companies. Too often, well-intentioned managers are the weak link in your hiring process. And the cost is enormous, including lost sales, poor customer service, safety issues, lower employee engagement, etc. Training, while important, may not be the solution because most managers resort […]

Your Hiring Manager May be Your Weakest Leadership Link

Does this sound familiar? You have a “B” manager trying to hire “A” players. Managers make their hiring decision based on the first impression. Manager and candidate bond because of similar likes (i.e., sports, college football, etc.), rather than the candidate’s qualifications. Manager says: “Please sit down while I read your resume.” Manager hires based […]

Why This Disgusting Job Has One of the Highest Retention Rates

Yes, that Roto-Rooter! (I promise, this relates to hiring) Recently, I had this company fix a clogged sewer line. Luckily, the problem was small, but the repair people reminded me of a valuable lesson. While their machine was working, I asked the two Roto Rooter employees: “So, how long have you worked for the company?” Their answer floored […]

Carry These 21 Leadership Characteristics in Your Pocket at All Times

If you started your company today, would you hire everyone currently on your payroll? Your hiring managers and supervisors are the gatekeepers to your company’s future. So, how can you give them the “keys” to be successful  — focus, ownership, accountability, and continuous improvement? One way to help is getting everyone on the same page.    For […]

Your Hiring Brand

Some real-world examples of situations that are negatively affecting your Hiring Brand: Manager turnover. A Midwest company hired a new Director of Human Resources whose LinkedIn profile shows six jobs in ten years.  How would you react to new policies or ideas if you thought the new person would stay only one-two years? Abusive personality. […]

Do You Really Know Who You Are Interviewing?

I’m old enough to remember when resumes were virtually 100% accurate and gave the hiring manager valuable insight on a person’s qualifications. Not anymore. Consider these facts: Fake college diploma and transcript is a $1 Billion industry. (Source: the FBI) 41% of all interviews are decided on appearance alone. (Source: Investor’s Business Daily) 71% of all resumes contain fictitious […]

How Benjamin Franklin Can Improve Your Recruiting Efforts

Is your company or an individual manager’s reputation killing your recruiting efforts?  Potential candidates search the Internet and social media to learn what current and past employees are saying about the company? If you want to enhance the company’s reputation, maybe Ben Franklin can help.  He asked himself two questions that shaped his view for […]