If You Can Answer “Yes” to 5 of These Questions, You’re a Good Leader

CEOs are asking, “How can we increase employee retention and engagement?” Maybe that’s the wrong question.What if you asked: “What are our employees grateful for?”How would your employees respond to these statements? I am respected by my boss My manager helps me to learn and grow I have the tools and the necessary training to […]

Culture Fit and Manager Fit: Your Strategic Advantage

How many current employees would you rehire if the company or your department were started today? Problem: Too many hiring decisions are based solely on job fit — the candidate’s first impression, number of years in the industry, worked for a competitor, has a degree from a prestigious college, or came highly recommended by a […]

10 Leadership Lessons Learned on a Unicycle

Ever try riding a unicycle?  I had to agree with most of my friends who call it “terror on a stick,” but I wanted to teach my grandkids that it was important to try new things even when you are afraid.  My friends thought this sixty-year-old had lost his mind and, in truth, after my […]