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How Benjamin Franklin Can Improve Your Recruiting Efforts

Dollars closeup. Benjamin Franklin's portrait on new one hundred dollar banknote

Is your company or an individual manager’s reputation killing your recruiting efforts? 

Potential candidates search the Internet and social media to learn what current and past employees are saying about the company?

If you want to enhance the company’s reputation, maybe Ben Franklin can help.  He asked himself two questions that shaped his view for day’s activities.

  • In the Morning — What good will I do today?
  • In the Evening — What good did I do today?

Judging from his personal success, and his efforts to help others, I would say this daily activity was successful.  Would managers look at their day’s activities differently if they asked themselves Ben Franklin’s two questions?

  • Would they look at hiring, motivating, and developing their team members differently? 
  • Would they look for more creative ways to resolve employee issues? 
  • Would they get valuable input from employees whose opinions had not valued before? 
  • Would they ask more questions and make fewer demanding statements?  
  • Would they foster a “we” workplace environment rather than a top down, I’m-the-boss attitude?  
  • Would your employees be more respected for what they are “bringing to the table”?

These two questions can have a profound effect on employee selection, engagement, retention, and motivation.  Workplace acceptance and validation can have a positive impact on the company, the employee and their family, and the community.

We have the power to change the world – one person and one day at a time.