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10 Business Leadership Lessons For Politicians

Politicians are not the best role models. Often, they are self-serving individuals obsessed with their own job security.

Social media lets us watch them say one thing and do just the opposite. Rather than lead effectively, politicians simply call each other names. The world would be a better place if politicians remembered these 10 leadership principles.

  1. Tunnel vision – do not surround yourself with people who only think like you. Add diversity to broaden your scope.
  2. Likeability – you cannot always be the nicest person in the room.
  3. Decisions – don’t let your ego get in the way of a good decision.
  4. Trust – if your team does not trust you, then you are just a bully.
  5. Followers – 20-30% of the people will follow anyone.
  6. Communication – talk is cheap – action pays the bills.
  7. Respect – it is earned over many years but can be lost in seconds.
  8. Leadership – lying and creating fear is not leadership. It is chaos.
  9. Courage – do the right thing. Make the tough decisions even if it means losing some of your status.
  10. Integrity – stand up for what you believe. Be the role model you want your children to follow.

Let’s hope more politicians remember that they are role models for current and future generations.   

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