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5 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Before Hiring

Yes, this is a difficult hiring environment, but quick decisions to fill job openings will have major consequences on your time while dealing with employee issues like engagement, absenteeism, workman’s comp cases, turnover and more.  

Here are Five questions to answer BEFORE you make any hiring decision.

  1. Will this candidate add talent to the team?
  2. Will the candidate take ownership of their job responsibilities?
  3. Will this candidate get along with the other team members?
  4. Can I manage this candidate?
  5. If hired, how can I help this candidate learn, grow, and succeed – quickly?

If you answer these questions honestly, your new hire will have a better chance of fitting your management style, being a productive member of the team, and embracing the company’s culture.  Additionally, you will have more time leading the team and less time trying to fix a poor hire.  Benefit: Less turnover and more employee engagement.

Note: You can improve your hiring skills by writing your answers down and reviewing your notes in the future.

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