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10 Ways You Shouldn’t Go About Hiring an “A” Player

Senior recruiter with papers shaking hand of young Afro-American specialist while hiring him for work

Companies want to hire high impact “A” players. To accomplish this goal, senior executives and HR have developed detailed hiring methods. 

However, within the company, there are always managers who want to short-circuit the process.  There are no shortcuts when hiring “A” players. Here are 10 ways not to hire an “A” player:

  • The hiring manager does not have a clear picture of the job’s current and future needs, challenges, and goals.
  • The hiring manager is unprepared or arrives late to the interview.
  • The hiring manager seems distracted, stressed, or impatient.
  • The hiring manager hires based on first impression.
  • The hiring manager is intimidated by the candidate’s qualifications.
  • The hiring manager is not an “A” player.
  • The hiring manager is living in a “that’s the way we have always done it” world.
  • The hiring manager has an antiquated “I’m a good judge of character” attitude.
  • The hiring manager talks too much during the interview.
  • The hiring manager thinks their current hiring skills do not need to be changed.

The world is changing at speeds never seen before. Whole industries are experiencing revolutionary change. Is the human side of your hiring process keeping up? Is hiring your competitive advantage?