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Do You Really Know Who You Are Interviewing?

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I’m old enough to remember when resumes were virtually 100% accurate and gave the hiring manager valuable insight on a person’s qualifications. Not anymore. Consider these facts:

  • Fake college diploma and transcript is a $1 Billion industry. (Source: the FBI)
  • 41% of all interviews are decided on appearance alone. (Source: Investor’s Business Daily)
  • 71% of all resumes contain fictitious information. (Source: SHRM)  
  • Candidate can search – “Best answers to interview questions.”  (Results: Amazon – 96 books…. Google – 13.2 million hits)
  • Candidates have multiple resumes – each targeted to a specific job, company, or industry.
  • Resumes can be written by professionals who excel in making the person look like a sure fit to the open position.

Right now, the hiring process favors the candidate, and the pressure is on the hiring managers to upgrade their skills. Make hiring your competitive advantage.

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