Real Leaders

Leaders of Hope: Patricia Nzolantima

2020 YPO Global Impact Award African Winner and entrepreneur Patricia Nzolantima is dedicated to empowering African women and girls. As founder and chairwoman of Congo-based Bizzoly Holdings, she runs a marketing and advertising agency as well as Ubizcabs, a transportation and logistics company that employs only women drivers. In addition, Nzolantima serves as managing partner […]

Feeding the Soul: The Grocer Tackling Philadelphia’s Food Deserts

When fourth-generation grocer and YPO member Jeffrey Brown opened his first store in 2004 in a low-income Philadelphia neighborhood with a history of gun violence and hired several returning felons to work in it, most people thought he was crazy. Fifteen years later, he’s CEO and president of Brown’s Super Stores, which ranks in the […]

Forging the Way For Gender Equality Through Education

Room to Read has supported 95,000 girls through its girls’ education program, resulting in life-changing results and nearly 80 percent going on to tertiary education or employment. “In my personal life, I’m keenly aware that a family’s circumstances can change drastically over the course of a single generation, through the power of education,” says Geetha […]

Learning to See in the Dark

A trip to Tibet in 2009 changed the life of Shiyin Cai forever. The YPO member and current CEO of her family’s portfolio of Chinese art museums and boutique hotels, Cai grew up in an entrepreneurial family, attended the best schools in China and the United States, and was climbing the corporate ladder at GE — […]

Megatrends Beyond 2020 and The Leadership Strategies You’ll Need

Working with one eye on the future is never easy, especially when the weekly and monthly pace of change demands your immediate attention. With CEOs spending an average of 62.5 hours a week at work, according to the Harvard Business Review, that doesn’t leave much time for strategy — which the same report shows is […]

Harnessing Your Fear Factor For Peak Performance

Patrick Sweeney says he used to be a wimp. Now he’s a full-time adventurer who has overcome his fears and is helping business leaders reach new heights by embracing theirs. Patrick Sweeney gets asked one question over and over again: does anything scare him? The 50-year-old Irish-American is, after all, a self-styled “fear guru,” who learned how to […]

7 Ways To Build A Business And Still Have A Life

In the 17 years it took me to build Pacific Direct into a multimillion dollar business, I drove myself very hard. From the day I started, at 23, a second sense told me I had to keep myself in peak fitness to succeed. My trainers and my swimming costume were always packed and ready to go. I […]

Ensure You Stay Ahead Of Your Own Organization

Leaders who fail to increase their sophistication as their company grows are in peril of being left behind. Many leaders have had that moment when they realize they are no longer leading the charge but are instead watching their business surge ahead of them. This is what YPO Member John Hillen  and Mark D. Nevins, co-authors […]

3 Lessons All New Leaders Should Learn

Becoming a new leader in a small or new business is not like becoming a new officer in the military. Have you ever attended a military promotion ceremony? If you haven’t, the ceremonies go something like this. Like all formal occasions, you get a formal invite. Then on the special day you walk into a […]

Navigating The Challenges Of Leadership

Navigating the corporate world today is more of an art than a skill. It requires you to balance being aggressive and inclusive, assertive and diplomatic, passionate and composed, and often simultaneously. There’s no real “how-to manual,” and each organization and team have its own unique way of doing things. Learning how to plot a course […]