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Megatrends Beyond 2020 and The Leadership Strategies You’ll Need

Working with one eye on the future is never easy, especially when the weekly and monthly pace of change demands your immediate attention.

With CEOs spending an average of 62.5 hours a week at work, according to the Harvard Business Review, that doesn’t leave much time for strategy — which the same report shows is only 12 hours of a CEOs working week. YPO, the preferred partner organization of Real Leaders, recently published a series of articles to help inform and assist the busy CEO and entrepreneur — from future trends, to the value of mentors and strategy tips. 


Megatrends Shaping The World Beyond 2020

Every leader wants to know what the future holds. Many ask: “What’s after what’s next?” EY (Ernst & Young), one of the largest professional services firms in the world and one of the “Big Four” accounting firms, put together a Megatrends report in 2018 that took a deep dive into the key disruptive trends that will shape our world beyond 2020. The report suggests that the next waves of technology and demographics will result a concept called “multipolar” — different countries becoming increasingly connected, regional rebalancing and huge infrastructure programs spurring it all on. Read More


93% Of CEOs Believe Business Should Create Positive Impact Beyond Profit

The annual Global Leadership Survey by YPO received more than 2,200 responses from chief executives in 130 countries. A staggering 93% of respondents said that business should have a positive impact on society — beyond pursuing profits and wealth. More surprising was the fact that these executives now rank shareholders fourth in importance, after employees, customers and family. Read More


Stepping Into The Shoes Of A Mentee

Most people seek out a mentor because they typically have an issue that needs to be resolved. Catherine Hodgson, the co-founder and CEO of The Hodgson Group in South Africa, reckons that being a mentee is not defined by age or work experience. Her personal story demonstrates how becoming a mentee brought fresh perspectives, an enriched self-awareness and instilled new communication skills for her professional — and personal — use. Read More


Five Strategies To Help CEOs Grow As Leaders

Ongoing professional renewal and development is critical for success in leadership roles. Yet education takes a meager 3% of CEO time and even that tends to fall prey to grueling schedules. CEOs are expected to have all the answers. Unfortunately, this expectation can create a fear of failure or lead to over-reliance on past successes, which in turn creates blind spots as they are unable to acknowledge to themselves that they have a need for learning new skills. Here are some ways leaders can adopt to learn and grow. It will not only help them, but also their organizations to grow. Read More


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