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Solberg Manufacturing

Ranking: 48

Industry: Industrial Equipment

Mission: An industrial equipment manufacturer that produces filtration, separation, and silencing products. Embracing the ideal of industrial growth while advocating environmental responsibility through the development of sustainable solutions that protect mission critical machinery and the surrounding environment. Serving a wide range of industries, with 20 facilities spread across 5 continents.

What 3 words best describe your company culture?

Pioneering, Connection, Supportive

What quote best exemplifies your company?

“When a company takes care of its people, working environment and mother earth, we can build our business through making products which solve customer needs.” — Charlie Solberg

How is your product or service having a positive social and/or environmental impact?

Being a certified B Corp & current 4-time Best for the World – Environment recipient, being recognized for this honor represents our intentional efforts in living our Guiding Principles to the fullest, attracting Purpose-led people who are a part of something much greater than themselves.

588 paid hours of volunteering in 2019 through our SCIP (Solberg Community Involvement Program) representing 64% participation. Current goal is 75% participation once Covid subsides. Millions of gallons of water saved annually through our enabling filtration technologies that are successfully enabling the transition from water-based systems to waterless-based systems 50% reduction in consumed electricity, representing millions of kW-hr’s saved annually, on equipment using our products due to the transition from water-based systems to waterless-based systems 33% increase in equipment longevity by equipping our technologies in high-intensity, extreme duty applications in the computer chip making industries, steel making industries, and solar-cell making industries.

Solberg’s products protect the environment, protect equipment, and help keep industrial working conditions safe by filtering hazardous contaminants from industrial processes. Our air/oil separation products capture oil mist emissions, fog, and smoke for re-use. Our silencing products reduce rotating equipment noise levels in work environments, improving the health and safety of workers.

What is your company’s vision for the future?

Our recent company Mantra & Mindset statement from June 2019 states, “our business family counts on ALL OF US”, inspiring all workers to know they and their work matters regardless of where they are in the company. Further, our Mindset statement “We are all Scouts” challenges all of us to proactively seek and push for continuous improvement in every aspect of business. This addition to our Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles provides further context and action by which we will make further positive societal and environmental impacts. New products in disciplines such saving people’s hearing by reducing mechanical noise pollution from industrial equipment in workplaces, generating less waste by extending the mean life expectancies of high-precision manufacturing systems in fabs, and realizing more re-use of manufacturing by-products through successful reconditioning are exciting outcomes of our passion for making the world a better place!

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