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Mission Partners

Ranking: 129

Industry: Communications

Mission: A strategic communications firm that guides purpose-driven organizations in realizing their greatest social impact. They help ensure growth, stability, and differentiation in often crowded markets, and pledge to foster a radically inclusive and richly regenerative economy. Have partnered in their own community with 28 social impact projects.

What 3 words best describe your company culture?

Supportive, Kind

What quote best exemplifies your company?

“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” — Nelson Mandela

How is your product or service having a positive social and/or environmental impact?

From our 2019 Social Impact Report:

When we launched Mission Partners in 2017, it was with a vision to build a business that was inextricably linked to our core values; a business that could be a force for good, and that could help scale the impact of organizations like yours through a special blend of strategic visioning, planning, and communications services.

In the 2019 year alone:

  • We supported more than 30 nonprofit organizations, foundations, associations, and social enterprises who are advancing breakthroughs in children’s health, housing, education, journalism, technology, and workforce development.
  • We created communications tools designed for social impact professionals to lead systems change efforts through an antiracist framework — tools that we are now developing into on-demand programming for social impact leaders.
  • We partnered with Slack, The Last Mile, and W.K. Kellogg Foundation who trusted us to document the findings from their inaugural cohort of Next Chapter, a bold and transformative initiative to help formerly incarcerated individuals secure wealth-building careers in the tech sector.
  • We launched an application-based Social Impact Fellows program at Loyola University Maryland.
  • We hosted a powerful community conversation on the soaring maternal mortality rates among Black women in the United States — led by and featuring the experiences of Black women.
  • We cemented our commitment to build a more just and inclusive society by joining as a founding signatory of #WeTheChange, 400+ women leaders of Certified B Corporations and other purpose-driven enterprises who share our belief that capitalism should work for everyone, and for the long-term.

What is your company’s vision for the future?

Related to the impact of our work: Our vision is a to build a network of courageous mission-driven leaders, who are informed, effective, and connected to one another, and deeply to their communities; leaders who act through a lens of equity and who understand that when we design for the edges, we all benefit.

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