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Ranking: 96

Industry: Food Production

Mission: An organic and gluten free pasta manufacturer making it easier for people to lead healthier lives and support sustainable farming practices. Their plant-based products are reducing emissions and conserving biodiversity, and their donations are helping to make healthy food accessible to all. Products are available in over 3,500 stores across North America. 

What 3 words best describe your company culture?

Supportive, Aligned, Enthusiastic

What quote best exemplifies your company?

“Good with every bite.”

It’s a sound business practice to be sure; however, for us, it’s more than that. It helps to cement our commitment that with every move we make navigating the ups and downs of business, we remain true to our core values.

Chickapea was created to provide not just a better version of the food we love, but a GOOD one. And we take this very seriously. Our goal is to use our powers for good… good taste, good ingredients, and good care of our team, our community and our planet!

We want our customers to always trust that with every single bite they take of our delicious pastas they are doing themselves, their community, and their home good!

How is your product or service having a positive social and/or environmental impact?

Chickapea’s social responsibility efforts are growing right alongside our company’s growth. At our core, Chickapea is a force for good. Chickapea is not just benefiting those that consume our products, but those in the greatest need around the world, including our farmers, suppliers and employees.

WE CHARITY: Chickapea donates 3 cents from every box of pasta sold to WE Charity’s School Nutrition Program. We’re currently supporting a program in Los Rios, Ecuador that provides students with nutritious meals each day and education on proper nutrition. Our donations also fund a school garden and the construction of a kitchen and dining hall for the students and the wider community to come together to learn about agriculture and nutrition.

FOOD BANKS: Chickapea believes that everyone should have access to healthy food. Food banks across Canada and the US are feeding our most vulnerable populations, which are often in great need of nourishment, and unfortunately, the majority of food being donated to food banks is not very nutritious and doesn’t consider dietary restrictions. Chickapea provides a nutrient-dense, allergen-free option that’s familiar and simple to prepare. Each year, Chickapea donates several hundred pounds of pasta to food banks across North America.

CERTIFIED B CORPORATION: In 2019, Chickapea was recognized as a Best for the World B Corporation — ranking in the top 10% of all B Corps worldwide. This prestigious designation is given to organizations that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, legal accountability, and aspire to use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Chickapea is proud of this certification and always strives to do better.

CHOOSING ORGANIC & PLANT-BASED: All Chickapea products are, and will continue to be, organic. By only choosing organic we are helping to eliminate soil and water contamination, preserve local wildlife — including honeybees — and conserve biodiversity. It also means keeping artificial food additives, irradiation, GMOs, synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers out of our bodies.

OUR PLANET: We’re proud to offer our products in recyclable boxes using recycled materials.

PLANT-BASED PROTEIN: By focusing on plant-based proteins we are minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing freshwater consumption and using less landmass for more crop yield. In comparison, the emissions of beef are 250 times higher than chickpeas and lentils.

What is your company’s vision for the future?

A world where the foods we love most, love our bodies and our planet back.

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