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Why we Threw Eve Under the Bus

Everybody knows the story. Adam and Eve were blissfully enjoying paradise when dumb, ignorant Eve went and screwed it all up. She had to talk to that evil snake. She had to trust it and take its advice about that stupid apple. She had to get poor, innocent, perfect Adam into trouble. They were both expelled from paradise.

Clearly, the trouble with the world always was — and still is — Eve!

Having recently made very personal revelations about myself that nobody wants to talk about, I’ve been feeling a little like Eve myself. My apple, my snake and I are walking listlessly through the city wondering why it ever occurred to us, to tell the truth. Why couldn’t we just have played along with beautiful, successful, above-all-sin Adam and his Instagram-perfect friends?

Some people look down on us. Some look away. Some pat us on the back and say “Wow! You’ve been so brave!” Before disappearing back into their busy lives again. My apple, my snake and I know that many people do the best they can. It’s pointless to expect more. Maybe we just don’t deserve it. Or perhaps what we bring to the table is too overwhelming.

In ancient mythology snakes often symbolized sexual energy. Now you understand why the snake became the evil, disgusting creature depicted in the Bible. A myth written, by the way, by the first patriarchal societies who had conquered innocent and generous matriarchal cities. These cities, ruled mostly by women and female deities, hadn’t thought of building protecting walls or surrounding themselves with strategic obstacles like rivers, mountains or dragon pits.

These powerful women were generous and mostly selfless. They used power to serve their people and nature. But what really made the new warriors uncomfortable was how sexy these women were. They held too much control over men because their sexual energy made every man lose his marbles sooner or later.

I guess we might call the Adam and Eve myth the first case of fake news! Warriors were idealized as fair, excellent leaders. They needed to cleanse their reputations after all the bloodshed and carnage necessary to acquire power. In the newly-written history books they become beautiful, smart, worthy, God-fearing Adams. All the ugliness, the blame, the guilt was assigned to filthy, sexy Eve. And her damned snake.

It’s pretty laughable when told this way, isn’t it? Giggles turn to tears, however, when you realize how Eve was betrayed by Adam, whom she loved deeply. Her lover turned against her, blamed her for everything wrong in his life, and let the world believe that she was the very definition of what sin.

Several thousand years later, we are still terrified and disgusted but totally fascinated with that snake. Of course! Sexuality is the root energy that mobilizes us towards life, towards reproduction, and the survival of our species. Sex drives money and power. We continue to admire Eve while we condemn her, exclude her and punish her: “Women, women, women! What are we to do with them?”

So much so, in fact, that for many women it’s easier to become more like Adam, or what Adam likes: hard-working, never complaining, deserving of Adam’s validation. Not that sexy anymore, but hey, safe and comfortable. As long as these women remain girly, Adam feels safe.

Here’s the really tough question to ask a woman today. It’s such a personal question that nobody has the right to ask others. It’s a question only you can ask yourself: “Am I a woman like Eve, or am I more like Adam’s preferred image of her?”

If you’re a man, the question is equally upsetting: “Do I want Eve by my side? Or do I prefer to have a more submissive, more manageable and complacent model in my life?”

I hope you’re grasping all the subtle implications these questions entail, both within our private lives and in business. The Alpha female stereotype we’ve admired these past few decades seems uncomfortably closer to a warrior than to a selfless, generous and – very sexy – Eve, don’t you think? Personally, her “perfectly toned arms” – and how she proudly displays them on every occasion, reminds me more of Adam than of Eve!

For some reason, I’ve always been Eve. It’s been tough as hell, I must admit. I will not boast of amazing sexual magnetism because that would be an Adam-warrior-show-off kind of quality.

Yes, Adam betrays me daily. Adam still believes having the most competitive woman in his life is safer and easier than having to deal with me and my unpredictable mood changes. Adam seeks the world-winner of all possible female competitions — beauty, intelligence, discipline, executive success, power mongering, Instagram yoga poses, mother of the year, you name it! She’s in his life because she makes him look good. And besides, she does everything he wants her to do.

But, Adam baby, aren’t you bored? Don’t you want to be a better man? Don’t you dream of endless passion driving every adventure you embark on in business and in life? Wouldn’t you prefer to risk it all for the opportunity to become a hero every single time?

That, my dear readers, is why Eve is sinful and dangerous. And why life without her is never going to be remotely close to paradise. It just gets grayer and grayer as you go.

My apple, my snake and I salute your choice with a playful smile. When you’re ready to jump, you know where to find us.

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