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How Balfegó Tuna Can Help Executives Grow as Leaders

A few years ago, I began developing team-building and coaching programs around nature. I learned how animals and nature had a way of cutting through the masquerades of executives to allow more in-depth, more honest conversations. I’ve taken teams to mountains and horse ranches, but never to swim with 550 lbs tuna. Early this year, […]

How to Solve the Climate Crisis: Take Responsibility for Your Hidden Violence

If we were little green men from Mars (or Venus for that matter) looking down on planet Earth, we would rapidly conclude that humans were killing the planet. While it’s obvious to an outsider, we seem unable to acknowledge our own endemic violence. We hide, deny and run from our deepest, most global truth. Extinction […]

Why I Endured Bullying for Years

If you had asked me fifteen years ago whether I had ever been bullied or mobbed, I would have said no. Now, I’m not so sure. The first time I went to see a therapist I was thirty. I talked for the entire hour of this first session about all the times I had found […]

Our Secrets are Being Revealed: Are you Happy or Fearful?

Have you noticed something huge is happening? Can you feel how secrets are being revealed around us this very moment? And more importantly, do you feel relief and joy at the new justice and freedom such revelations bring to life, or are you scared that you might lose something you cherish? By the looks of […]

Why we Threw Eve Under the Bus

Everybody knows the story. Adam and Eve were blissfully enjoying paradise when dumb, ignorant Eve went and screwed it all up. She had to talk to that evil snake. She had to trust it and take its advice about that stupid apple. She had to get poor, innocent, perfect Adam into trouble. They were both […]

How My Executive Career Survived Sexual Abuse

When I was eight years old an Irish man named Brendan showed up at my family home in Mexico. Three weeks later he was asked to leave. We never spoke of him again. Thirty years passed. One night in May 2010 I had a series of dreams that helped me understand I had been a […]

Don’t Run After Leadership. Let It Find You Instead

Did you know the Tarahumara tribe in Mexico are the fastest and most athletic runners on Earth? They are rumored to run marathons effortlessly well into their sixties. Such is their ability that the animals they pursue literally run out of energy, succumbing to Tarahumara hunters out of sheer exhaustion. Could their wisdom help us […]

How to Lead Without Needing Plan B

Have you ever considered that letting down your guard may be the best way to improve your leadership? Like most pearls of wisdom it’s counter-intuitive. But that’s precisely why only the brave dare try it! I learned the value of letting down my guard recently. I started a new club in Spain for business leaders […]

I’m Done With “Leadership.” Here’s a Better Idea

I’ve been talking about leadership for the past 15 years. I’ve thought about it, analyzed it, read about it, played its games, taught it and written loads about it. Now I’m done. I’ve started talking about personal growth instead. But why? Basically, the science of leadership is one huge, global, mumbo-jumbo of obvious facts and […]

Leading Through Emotion: Riding Your Personal Tsunami

Emotions are still misunderstood among business leaders. They are mostly unknown to almost everyone else in society too. Ironically, emotions seem to be most confusing to emotional experts themselves, if only because many of us tend to remain closed off behind our theories around emotion most of the time. So here are four crucial things […]