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Business Owners Should Care More About Creating and Less About Disruption

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, we are all familiar with the saying, and many of us have either been on the giving or receiving end of this at some point in our lives. Furthermore, sure, this saying may ring true when someone imitates your style or finds interest in […]

Methane-busting Seaweed Industry Begins Growing in South Australia

An emerging commercial seaweed industry is gaining pace in South Australia and it has the methane produced by cows firmly in its sights. Australian researchers have found red seaweed has the ability to reduce cow and sheep methane production by up to 90 per cent when mixed with stock feed. The findings have led the […]

Taking the Lead in Healthcare by Eliminating Wasted Expenditure

At $3.8 trillion, the cost of healthcare in the US now surpasses federal revenue. It’s a tremendous burden for employers, and with medical debt as the leading cause of bankruptcy, consumers suffer as well. Goodroot CEO Michael Waterbury (pictured above) says complexity drives up the cost and keeps it high. “I’ve never met an employer […]

Easy Peasy Orange Squeezy

Krill Design in Milan, Italy, has created a 3D-printed lamp made from Sicilian orange peels. At the end of its life, you can add it to your compost and put it back to work helping new plants to thrive. The lamp is called Ohmie, and the manufacturing process involves drying and grinding up orange peels, […]

Now Is the Time to Go Global

Despite the ongoing challenges facing the world as it navigates pandemic recovery, businesses across every sector are targeting growth. Having paused to meet the difficulties created by lockdown, organizations are now taking the harsh lessons learned during the past 18 months and using them to build ambitious expansion strategies. For many, the future lies in […]

3D Printed Casts for Broken Limbs

Brazilian healthtech startup Fix has developed a new cast for fixing broken limbs that is 3D-printed and biodegradable. Made from environmentally friendly bioplastic — beetroot, sugarcane, and corn pulp — the web-like design lets the skin breathe, meaning less sweating and itching from traditional plaster casts, and it can also get wet without damage. Once […]

Energy Efficiency for Businesses in the Carolinas Is More Affordable Than Ever

In the mountains of western North Carolina, a midsize manufacturer recently faced a major pivot to its longtime product line. The product shift made it necessary to upgrade 500 T12 fluorescent high-bay lights to energy-efficient LEDs, a pretty hefty financial outlay for any company, but especially for one undergoing a large-scale product and plant overhaul.   […]

9 Great Workplace Ideas, as Imagined by Kids

As many of us rapidly approach our year anniversary of working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jellyfish Training has been reminiscing about office life. With this in mind, they have teamed up with Jellyfish, a digital transformation agency, and asked Mark Deprose, VP of Real Estate & Facilities, to provide actionable tips and […]

The “Bigness” of Big Business Is Often (but Not Always) a Problem. Here’s Why

Once upon a time, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google were darlings in Congress and people’s hearts. They seemed to promise a dazzling new techno-future. But that relationship has soured significantly, as Facebook and Google have become platforms for deception as much as enlightenment and commerce. Fear over Facebook grew in the 2016 election with […]

Recognize the 12 Problems of Zoom Fatigue and Work-From-Home Burnout

Have you or your employees been feeling work-from-home burnout and Zoom fatigue these past months despite the supposed convenience of working from home and using videoconferences to meet? Unfortunately, the vast majority of efforts to address WFH burnout try to treat the symptoms without addressing the root causes. The fundamental root cause of WFH burnout […]