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Easy Peasy Orange Squeezy

Krill Design in Milan, Italy, has created a 3D-printed lamp made from Sicilian orange peels.

At the end of its life, you can add it to your compost and put it back to work helping new plants to thrive. The lamp is called Ohmie, and the manufacturing process involves drying and grinding up orange peels, then mixing them with a vegetable-based polymer. This gives the lamps an orange-like texture and scent that helps keep rooms smelling fresh. One lamp uses the peels of 23 oranges, all sourced from a single family farm in Sicily.

“Ohmie is special because it merges technology, design, and sustainability all in one single object,” says Krill Design cofounder and R&D director Yack H. Di Maio. “We don’t just want to make a change in design. We want to make this change beautiful and meaningful. The lamp is a revolutionary and innovative product that marks a clear step toward a future where reclaimed materials are the norm, and the line between design and eco-design is erased,” he explains.

Krill Design also takes the scraps leftover from squeezing orange juice to make trays, drinks, coolers, and sachet holders for restaurants. More than 1.3 billion tons of food is thrown away globally each year, and circular design, such as the Ohmie lamp, is one way to help tackle this problem. What useful item could you make out of food waste?

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