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3 Unusual Investment Strategies that Are Off the Map

These three investment strategies turn traditional thinking on its head and show how huge value can be generated by incentivizing lifestyle choices and trading assets that go beyond hard cash. Invest in Time In Switzerland, investing in your future has just taken on a new meaning. People are saving up time so they can spend […]

3 Mind-Blowing Innovations that Could Power the World

The future is arriving sooner than you think. These three emerging technologies could change the way we live and travel and help us avert a climate disaster by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. 1. Roads that Charge Electric Cars as They Drive Holcim, a global company that creates sustainable building materials, has partnered with […]

Easy Peasy Orange Squeezy

Krill Design in Milan, Italy, has created a 3D-printed lamp made from Sicilian orange peels. At the end of its life, you can add it to your compost and put it back to work helping new plants to thrive. The lamp is called Ohmie, and the manufacturing process involves drying and grinding up orange peels, […]

Why Didn’t I Think of That First? 3 Great Business Ideas Promising a Brighter Future

Sometimes the best ideas emerge when you’re faced with a problem. Here are three familiar concepts repurposed to create something new, exciting, and profitable. Look around: What other products have potential to become something new? 01  Urban Farming Inside Shipping Containers You’re already familiar with the sight of shipping containers on trucks, taking fresh produce to stores. But what if containers […]