Real Leaders

Brand “Me” — or the Power of Self-Marketing

Has the following ever happened to you? One of your co-workers got the promotion you wanted, even though their professional credentials and achievements at work were not as good as yours. Unfair? Perhaps. But maybe it was simply because your colleague was better at “selling” their achievements than you. As an entrepreneur, I have noticed […]

How to Set Goals – and Achieve Them!

Have you ever really thought about how you formulate your goals? Do you draw up clear, written goals that are expressed so that you also set unambiguous deadlines for whether and when you want them to be achieved? Or are your goals vague, such as “I want to be happy.” Sure, that’s a nice wish, […]

Becoming A Billionaire Without A Business Plan

Most startups need a business plan because they depend on venture capital funds or banks for financing. Understandably, pitching a business idea to potential investors typically requires a business plan. But how decisive are business plans in determining the success of an entrepreneur? It’s a good question and one that by no means only applies […]

The Art of a Successful Life

How often do you take the time to think about yourself — your desires, hopes, and goals — in the context of the wisdom of the ages? Here’s leadership advice and insight from 9 people who did exactly that — and became wildly successful. 01 Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austrian-American bodybuilder, actor and politician “No matter what you […]

Why CEOs Need To Be Able To Deal With Conflict

Nobody likes arguments. Except for the most died-in-the-wool troublemakers, we all try to avoid them. Arguments cost time and energy—in any given situation, it’s always a good idea to ask whether an issue is worth arguing about. Nevertheless, people who avoid arguments at any cost will never make an impact or drive change. At the […]

6 Common Mistakes Leaders Make When Making a Decision

The reason Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger are so successful is because they have thought so deeply about decision-making processes. Business leaders are decision-making machines. They make decisions all day long, which is, after all, what they get paid for. Nevertheless, there are six common decision-making traps they fall into. And it is no coincidence […]