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Flourish: Design Paradigms for Our Planetary Emergency

Can indigenous knowledge help us design a more sustainable future?

What will it take to restore balance to our world, repair past injustices, and support future generations’ survival? Reaching beyond sustainability, “regenerative” practice is increasingly named as a new goal, but what does this emerging term really mean? And which key mindset shifts might enable truly regenerative transformation? Looking deeply into the web of life that created and supports us and drawing inspiration from diverse cultural traditions and perspectives, spirited thinkers Michael Pawlyn and Sarah Ichioka propose a bold set of regenerative principles with the potential to transform how we design, make, and manage our buildings, infrastructure, and communities.

Whether you’re a built environment professional or client, an activist, or a policymaker, Flourish offers an urgent invitation to inhabit a new array of possibilities through which we can build a thriving future together. “Rather than seeing the future as something that happens to us, we need to decide on the future we want and then set about creating it,” says Ichioka.

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