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Akon Uses New City and Akoin to Unite Africa

What will the future behold?

Isn’t that the question we all frequently ponder? 2020 is already a loose cannon as the corona virus just halted the strongest bull market since 2009 and climate change is now a climate crisis.

The day I interviewed Akon, he used the word future 6 times, in 4 different ways:

  1. Future of Corruption

“So, a lot of it as you know, corruption, is all built around money. So, if money isn’t properly managed, and you have people that are dishonest managing the current state of your financial future, then naturally corruption is going to exist.”

-Akon believes a decentralized and transparent banking system on the blockchain can eradicate unethical money management amongst government officials in African countries.

  1. Future of Akon City

“So let’s look at Akon City as the test model for the rest of the continent, you know, we want to be able to utilize the city not only from a development standpoint, but we want to also attract people that normally wouldn’t come to Africa, into Africa. We want to implement ideas, terms, laws, all that within that city that we feel benefits the people something that people can relate to, and be able to work with. And then we want to really upgrade the city in a way to where it thinks feels and operates like the future.”

-Akon said his city will be an eco-tourism destination and the first infrastructure for his new cryptocurrency Akoin. The artist mentioned he wants to avoid the problems and mistakes developed markets made so they can sustain a brighter future. The metropolis has plans to be positioned 5 miles away from the capital of Senegal, Dakar.

  1. Future of Renewable Energy

“Honestly, it’s the future and when you look at how life is created now and how things are being affected from our global warming standpoint, like you can clearly see the difference and change… Like we have the most bipolar weather conditions in the world that we’ve never had and it’s all because it’s all due to global warming. And it’s because we’re not taking full advantage of our renewable resources, and we’re not taking into account that 200-300 years from now the world may not even exist.”

-Akon, who brought solar energy to 100 million Sub-saharan Africans through his Akon Lighting Africa project believes renewable energy is the key to sustaining the future, noting he does not want to make the same mistakes the industrial world had made in the past.

  1. Future of Cryptocurrency

“So we’re starting from a clean slate, which allows us to reorganize, restructure, rebrand and push things forward for the future because it’s going to be tough cleaning up the past. You know what I mean? With the transformation from fiat currency deals to cryptocurrency deals.”

Akon’s new cryptocurrency hopes to provide an exchange for business owners and consumers to trade goods. Akon believes cryptocurrency is the only way to stop corruption and restore wealth to the African people by creating a transparent decentralized system. The company hopes to make it interchangeable for fiat currency in the long-run.

Now ask yourself: What will the future behold?

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