Akon Podcast

Akon Uses New City and Akoin to Unite Africa What will the future behold? Isn’t that the question we all frequently ponder? 2020 is already a loose cannon as the corona virus just halted the strongest bull market since 2009 and climate change is now a climate crisis. The day I interviewed Akon, he used […]

Why This Company Doesn’t Want To Know Their Customers.

An unusual concept right? At least that’s what Erik Rind, CEO of ImagineBC’s lawyers thought when they were crafting their Terms of Service policy for his company, a market provider for customer data stored on the blockchain. Erik joined me on Episode 47 of the Real Leaders Podcast to discuss what the future of personal […]

Top 10 B-Corp Answers “The Call”

Creating a Social Calling Through Business Worldwide bestselling author Spencer Johnson who authored The Present, suggests we all need a calling; to create a beautiful world through social enterprises. General Bio CEO Jeong Hun Seo (pictured above) is answering the call by harnessing business to sustain the planet and create a global society. General Bio […]

Helping Fix the Recycling Crisis

Mitch Hedlund, founder of the nonprofit organization Recycle Across America (and Recycle Across the World), has joined us to discuss the U.S. and global recycling crisis and the increasing epidemic of waste in oceans. Hedlund explains how implementing society-wide standardized labels on recycling bins is proving to help solve these issues. She is working with […]

Could Every Company Become a B Corp?

“If everyone were a B Corporation, the planet would be in a much better situation.” Jennifer Cantero, Director of Marketing & Sustainability at Sensiba San Filippo, California’s first and only certified B Corp accounting firm stated on the Real Leaders Podcast. In the video below, Jennifer shares her passion for becoming a certified B Corporation, […]

Rethink Your Business Before It’s Too Late

This week I had the opportunity to interview multi-business owner Jared Meyers of Legacy Vacation Club and Salt Palm brands who recently launched Florida For Good to help inform, inspire and connect Florida business owners to rethink the way they do business. You never know whom exactly you’re going to get on the opposite end […]

Former UN President’s Commit to Multilateralism

A group of former Presidents of the General Assembly have met for an interactive dialogue at the invitation of the current PGA, María Fernanda Espinosa. The theme for the meeting is “Revitalisation of the United Nations in favor of a strengthened multilateral rules-based system”. This is the first event of this kind. President Espinosa said; […]

Yes, The World Can Come Together

Every year in September, world leaders gather at the United Nations in New York for the General Assembly’s annual high-level session. The diplomatic gathering draws veteran politicians as well as new faces from all corners of the globe in what is always an interesting and intense week for all. This year was no different. At […]

Trump Relishing World’s Attention at U.N.

With other major leaders absent, the U.S. president enjoys being the main attraction. For better or for worse, Donald Trump is dominating the United Nations this week. And he seems to be loving it. While every U.S. president looms large at the annual mosh pit of world leaders known as the U.N. General Assembly, Trump […]