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Become a Leader on Your College Campus Through Entertainment for Change

Blending social impact with invaluable leadership experience and a love for the arts.

In high school, many of us racked up volunteer hours because we either genuinely cared about community service or we wanted something else to put on our resume/college applications. After coming to college, how many people actually stayed involved in giving back to their community? In the midst of school life, social life, and catching up on sleep, it can be easy to forget about social and environmental issues that plague “the real world.”

Now, all that seems to matter is having leadership positions, case competitions, and job interviews. A new nonprofit startup, Entertainment for Change, allows you to blend both your academic goals with social impact work. Plus, who doesn’t like to be entertained?

From the founder, Jade Zaroff:

“Entertainment for Change has a mission to empower college students to use their artistic talents as an outlet for education, social impact, and self-expression. EFC plans on putting talent competitions infused with social/environmental messaging in colleges nationwide.

This chapter in your life as a college student is a chapter full of growth and foundations. You are figuring out your core values, exploring your passions, and turning them into careers…and simultaneously adapting and transitioning into a community bigger than yourself. No matter your school, there is no greater satisfaction than leaving a legacy at the place that had given you the tools to grow.

Each of us at Entertainment for Change have felt that sense of pride for our schools, and watching our mission come to life at the places we called home is incredibly fulfilling, and fun!

If you are interested in leaving your legacy and becoming an EFC Student Ambassador please Email:

-Jade ”

EFC allows college students to use their talents to spread awareness about current social and environmental issues. Jade Zaroff was inspired to found EFC after creating and producing the Green Gala at Emerson College three years ago, which now runs annually at the college. This nonprofit organization is currently aiming to expand its reach to universities nationwide, and needs ambitious college students to spread the word at their campuses. The first EFC collegiate competition will be taking place at Florida State University on April 9, 2017, and the 3rd Annual Emerson Green Gala will be April 14, 2017!

EFC competitions encourage students to use their passions and skills to spread awareness about issues that matter to them. However, these performances can’t happen without a passionate and hardworking student ambassador willing to take on the leadership position necessary to put this event on their campus!

Becoming a Student Ambassador will be a wonderful way to gain experience in leadership, marketing, fundraising, communication, production, networking, professionalism, and budgeting experience — and participating in the competition as a performer will allow you to compete for a $1000 cash prize.

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