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World’s Largest Collection of Celebrity Mental Health Stories Aims to Heal

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Supportiv, a support network that matches users with peers for anonymous, real-time chats on any mental wellness topic – from everyday life struggles, anxiety, stress and relationship or work conflicts to grief and loneliness – has launched the world’s largest collection of celebrity mental health stories at on their website.

“We typically see only bits and pieces of celebrities’ lives, the moments when they are the most polished, or the most charismatic,” says Supportiv Co-Founder Helena Plater-Zyberk. “There is a public presumption of invincibility which overshadows reality. It’s human to struggle, or to feel lonely or anxious. We applaud those who have revealed their raw moments.”

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Supportiv announced its public beta in June 2018 and has already helped over 53,000 users feel less stressed, lonely, angry, sad, anxious, and depressed. It’s also available on the App Store and Google Play.

Featured celebrities include musicians, actors and athletes: 
·     Barrett Robbins 
·     Brandon Brooks 
·     Brandon Marshall 
·     Chrissy Tiegen 
·     Courtney Cox 
·     Demi Lovato 
·     Emily Maynard Johnson 
·     Hayden Panettiere 
·     Jay-Z 
·     Kanye West 
·     Kid Cudi 
·     Lady Gaga 
·     Lane Johnson 
·     Larry Johnson 
·     Lisa Rinna 
·     Logic 
·     Mariah Carey 
·     Michelle Williams 
·     Nicki Minaj 
·     Ryan Reynolds 
·     Scott Stapp

In the coming weeks many more celebrities and public figure will be added: 
·     Comedians 
·     Teen stars 
·     Premier League soccer stars 
·     National Basketball Association – NBA athletes 
·     Major League Baseball – MLB athletes

“By talking about their experiences, celebrities are de-stigmatizing not only serious mental health issues but also the vulnerabilities of everyday life. They are sending a hopeful message that if you are struggling, you are not alone! And if you express it, it might help you find your healing path,” says Supportiv Co-Founder Pouria Mojabi.

Supportiv invites celebrities of any background who’d be interested in sharing their stories to contact them at 

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