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The Medical Company Wanting to Improve the Lives of One Million Women by 2025

PODCAST PEOPLE: A Summary from the Real Leaders Podcast

“I think that if you do the right thing, you never have to worry about making your profit numbers or your top line revenue numbers. That is oftentimes a byproduct of doing the right thing year after year.

Bryon Merade is the CEO of Caldera Medical, a women‘s health medical device company dedicated to improving the quality of life for women. Caldera Medical is named among the Real Leaders 100 Top Impact Companies of 2020.

The following is a summary of Episode 57 of the Real Leaders Podcast, a conversation with Caldera Medical CEO, Bryon Merade. Watch, read, or listen to the full conversation below.

Women’s Health Initiative

Bryon explains Caldera Medical’s active goal, to improve the way of life for one million women by 2025. This Women’s Health Initiative has put the company’s charitable dollars towards helping women in marginal communities around the world who would otherwise not have access to proper medical treatment.

Caldera Medical partners with US medical experts and sends them across the globe where they train local physicians to properly address women’s health. As a result, these physicians can take their knowledge back to their communities. The outcome is a ripple effect of impact. Local physicians learn the skills necessary to treat women’s health themselves. Consequently, they are able to help exponentially more women. This successful impact has attracted renowned physicians from all over the world to the Caldera Medical mission.

“We don’t do this from a marketing perspective. In fact, we really don’t market this aspect of the organization commercially at all. But I will tell you that many customers, surgeons and hospitals come to us at conferences and say, “We want to do business with you because of the humanitarian work that you’re doing.” And I think it’s great that it resonates with people and they gravitate towards us because of that. But that’s not the reason we do it. We do it because it is the right thing to do. We have the capability to do it.”

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A Mission-Driven Mindset

Caldera Medical’s successful impact on women’s health is a testament to the company upholding its mission above all else. The Women’s Health Campaign was the collective idea of Caldera Medical employees who wanted to turn their core values into action. Accordingly, the 4 Cs, Care, Create, Collaborate, and Challenge, continue to influence the company’s humanitarian work.

“We’re a business that is designed to do good, as a mission of improving the quality of life for women. That’s what we’re focused on each and every day. We happen to make different surgical products to treat women with these conditions on the commercial side. But really, it’s the mission that drives us and. I think anyone who gets involved with our organization at any position in our company, it’s really about people who have this shared vision of really helping women.”



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