Real Leaders

Your Purpose Will Enable Your Profit

Robert Sheen is CEO and founder of Trusaic.

What does being an impact leader mean to you? 

Driving a positive impact in the world and leading with purpose. Being a leader of impact goes beyond taking care of those within your own company, it expands to caring for society at large and ensuring you uphold and promote the values ingrained in your company’s DNA. At Trusaic, we strive to advance social good in the workplace, to create a better working world for future generations.

What was your biggest leadership barrier and how did you over come it?

Driving social impact while maintaining profitability can be a huge barrier for leaders. To overcome this barrier, leaders must understand that purpose enables profit. Weaving purpose into the fabric of your organization is essential to being a successful leader and promotes growth alongside social good.

What does collaborative leadership look like? 

Creating an environment without judgment and fostering inclusivity is the core of collaborative leadership. An environment without judgment allows individuals to feel safe to share their opinions openly, and in turn, fosters diversity of opinion. It’s only within this environment that productive collaboration can occur at all levels.

Robert Sheen, founder and CEO of Trusaic, is a serial entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

Robert founded First Capitol Consulting, Inc. in 1999, serving over 5,000 global, national, and
regional companies. In 2003, he founded, organized, and chartered US Metro Bank with an
initial $19.6 million capital raise. US Metro Bank is currently valued at over $1 billion. In 2006,
Robert developed TaxAdvantage® in partnership with Intuit, providing tax-centric data solutions
for Intuit Employee Management Service’s 1.4 million customers. In 2019, First Capitol
Consulting became Trusaic, and today is a leading software company focused on pay equity,
DEI, and healthcare. Trusaic helps organizations build a better workforce so they can build a
better business.

Robert has served on the boards of MTV’s “Rock the Vote,” University of Southern California
Pacific Asia Museum, Asian American Justice Center, and the Korean American Democratic
Committee. He is a former President of the Korean American Bar Association. Robert was
honored in the “Men of L.A.” by The Women’s Foundation.


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