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Top 10 B-Corp Answers “The Call”

Creating a Social Calling Through Business

Worldwide bestselling author Spencer Johnson who authored The Present, suggests we all need a calling; to create a beautiful world through social enterprises. General Bio CEO Jeong Hun Seo (pictured above) is answering the call by harnessing business to sustain the planet and create a global society.

General Bio is South Korea’s leading social enterprise and has been accredited as one of the Top 10 B Corps worldwide. Jeong Hun Seo, supports people with disabilities and underprivileged members of society, by providing over 100 employment opportunities, and helping workers to gain financial independence. In addition, General Bio also provides support for other social enterprises through research and providing resources for R&D and marketing.

Creating a Positive Impact

Committed to developing natural and functional raw materials through bio convergence, and new biomaterials, the organization received ISO22000, GMP and CGMP certifications. Certifications needed to help develop and manufacture dietary supplements, cosmetics, eco-friendly baby products, and household products.

The B-Corp titan is estimated to produce a top-line of 39 million and they are currently distributing products to 10 countries including the US, Canada, China, Japan, and Taiwan. ‘GCOOP’, the distribution company of General Bio’s products, is preparing to launch in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia in the upcoming year, solidifying them as a global corporation.

Thinking of the Future of Our Planet

Many of the products that people use every day, such as soaps, toothpaste, and cosmetics contain various chemicals and additives. Selectively using safe, eco-friendly ingredients and materials is also a major characteristic of General Bio’s products. General Bio’s mission is to create products that are safe for children and families and to think of every consumer as our own family. By carefully choosing ingredients and materials to develop eco-friendly products that are beneficial for consumers as well as our planet.

The Path to a Cooperative Society

In addition to founding GCOOP (a distribution network) in 2015, CEO Jeong Hun Seo, also founded the ‘GCOOPER Foundation’ in 2018. The ‘GCOOPER Foundation’ is a non-profit organization that aims to create social value by mentoring social entrepreneurs and nurturing social enterprises to support growth in society.

In 2019, after successfully launching General Bio, GCOOP and the GCOOPER Foundation, CEO Jeong Hun Seo launched GFESTA, a shared shopping platform that directly connects social enterprises, local businesses, and co-operatives, with consumers. This platform allows these businesses an opportunity to effectively market and distribute their products and help them to expand and flourish.

With these subsidiaries in place, Jeong Hun Seo hopes to inspire others to join the wave of B Corps answering the next generations’ cry for a better world through business. Will your organization answer the call too?

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