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Have You Reached a Point Where Size Doesn’t Matter Anymore?

Everyone reaches a point in life when they realize that size doesn’t matter. That moment comes sooner to some and later to others. Judging by the way we are wrecking the planet, it comes much too late in life to way too many people.

One day you wake up and feel that you’ve reached as big, tall, meaningful and beautiful as you’re ever going to be. It’s a terrible morning. It seems like life is all downhill from there.
Sound familiar? It’s like the best part of your life is behind you. And it’s the awful truth (if all you care about is size, importance, relevance or attention). But guess what: none of that matters. When you reach this point, you should be ready for round number two!

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You’re now ready to live life to the fullest: You can stop pursuing size to open yourself to the enormity of depth. When you let go of scale, and all the associated competition and expectation – the sheer effort of it all! – You descend to a lower angle of perspective. Your perception changes forever as you see the world, yourself and everyone else in a new light – profound meaning, connection and transcendence.

When you reach these new, darker (yet more profound) levels of yourself, it will take a while for your eyes to adjust to the scarcity of “superficial” light. Slowly but surely you’ll become less in need of it. You’ll stop whining to everybody about being “the best football player in the history of football,” (to be read in a childish, bewildered, jokingly ironic tone of voice) like Ronaldo did recently. You stop tweeting compulsively from dawn to dusk in a frantic desire to conquer and possess the world’s center of attention; like someone we all know.

The day you finally become your deepest self, size becomes irrelevant. Curiosity and wonder abduct you regularly. You choose only what makes you deeper as a leader, a person, and human being. You become amused by the dumb things people tweet; naughty, playful giggles bubble up inside of you continually.

Once you commit to this depth, you bump into your inner wisdom. You know without knowing. You are at one with the universe. Your judgments and opinions about how to make it all better have dissolved. You trust life the way a newborn child trusts its mother. Your eyes shine with wonder. You walk with a spring in your step. Your heart sings with joy.

For this very reason I “help people and their organizations grow, not in size but depth.” Despite the many troubles it has brought in the past. It would have been much easier to make money by promising others size, success, wealth and the like. But then I wouldn’t have grown in depth the way I have. It’s also why my work is my pleasure and my pleasure is my work. Size is not important – I kid you not.

Have a deep new year!

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