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The Organization Working At Ebola’s Ground Zero

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To combat the unprecedented Ebola outbreak in West Africa, International Medical Corps has mobilized a comprehensive emergency response in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Mali, the epicenter of the humanitarian crisis. Led by President & CEO Nancy Aossey, International Medical Corps has responded to every major disaster of the last 30 years, delivering more than $1.8 billion in humanitarian relief and training in more than 70 countries.

The organization has been a First Responder in the world’s most challenging and remote places, including Darfur, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan, and Libya, among others. The Ebola outbreak has infected more than 17,000 people and caused more than 6,000 deaths in West Africa. The organization currently operates two Ebola Treatment Units in Liberia and one in Sierra Leone, where its first responders are providing lifesaving care.

In addition, they are  establishing another Ebola Treatment Unit in Sierra Leone and deploying an Emergency Response Team to Mali. Together, the four units will give more than 1.5 million people access to lifesaving care. International Medical Corps is also scaling up its training efforts and will train 3,500 frontline health workers to safely treat patients and manage Ebola treatment units that are critical to ending this deadly epidemic.

In addition, in Sierra Leone International Medical Corps has conducted ‘Ebola 101’ training of trainers for local organizations so that they can continue to safely operate.  This includes training 45 members of Street Child, an organization of schoolteachers, whom will themselves now train an additional 500 teachers in all provinces of the country.

Donating to a group like International Medical Corps, that is actually on the ground within the affected countries, treating patients, and helping to prevent further spread of disease is the best way to help. There are very few humanitarian agencies that have the capacity to manage and provide medical treatment to those infected with Ebola, and International Medical Corps is one of them.

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