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What Lessons Can we Learn From Fictional Businesses?

A business can have huge success, which people will remember, or they can experience even more significant failures that people will find hard to forget. We often look to business leaders and entrepreneurs for good leadership styles, to understand their success stories and learn from their mistakes.

But it’s not only real-life businesses of which we should take note. As a fun exercise, employee benefits provider Unum, has taken a look at some fictional business from television and film and picked the 12 biggest business lessons. It may surprise you just how relevant and applicable they are to the real world.

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As an example, the Batman series is home to one of the biggest fictional companies, Wayne Enterprises. When the workload becomes too much for Bruce Wayne, he appoints Lucius Fox as his business partner. It’s a risky decision, but it works out for the best because Bruce knows he can trust Lucius due to their friendship. Other companies, however, don’t have the same success.

In The Simpsons, Mr. Burns’ nuclear power plant leaks radioactive waste and dumps waste in a playground. This obviously breaks many safety violations – but the main lesson here is to ensure that all employees are fully equipped and trained for the job to avoid such disasters. Other fictional companies simply show true leadership by adapting and changing their business operations.

In the popular Pixar film Monsters Inc, Sully and Mike prove that there are other ways to generate the city’s electricity by finding out that laughter works even better than screams! This scene demonstrates why companies shouldn’t become stuck in their ways. Tave a look below for some more business lessons from fictional businesses – that you might apply to your own business.

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