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Leaders of Hope: Maria Menounos

American entertainment reporter, television personality, professional wrestler, actress, and businesswoman, Maria Menounos knows how to keep variety in her life. When the pandemic started, she began a daytime show, Better Together, as a weekly journey through health, wellness, spirituality, career, relationships, and finances.

“What I want to do is expose people to top experts and allow them to have that “a-ha” moment without going through a near-death experience like the brain tumors my mom and I incurred,” she explains.  

“In March, when the pandemic hit, I knew we would all face challenges like never before. Jobs would be lost; uncertainty and depression would soar,” she says. The show has brought inspiration, healing and sanity to more than 13 million viewers across all platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. She also recently inked deals with GSTV and Coinstar to reach another 145 million viewers a month — to receive branded Better Together tips at gas stations and supermarkets across the country. “Instead of focusing on all the many things we can’t do in these challenging times, we spend our energy focusing on the things we can do.” 

Menounos believes that people are inherently good. “We all come from different backgrounds and are shaped by different sets of experiences, but there is so much good in the world. We need to listen to and understand each other.” Menounos thinks honesty is paramount. The best leaders work together on solutions, recognizing that tough moments are an opportunity to grow and be better. “Strong leaders aren’t afraid to make tough decisions. They have a way of cutting through their fears and all the noise to get the job done. They look at all the facts and make the best decisions they can at the moment.”

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